Husband Lera Kudryavtseva first showed daughter's face

Lera Kudryavtseva celebrated her 48th birthday on a luxury yacht off the coast of Miami. On this day, her friends and her relatives were with the presenter — her husband, Igor Makarov, and daughter, Masha, who recently turned 9 months old.

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In honor of the holiday, the TV host's husband pleased the followers by publishing a new photo of Masha wearing Instagram dress in her elegant dress. Although in the frame the girl does not look directly into the camera, the fans managed to see her face.

Note that in the network from time to time there are rumors of a third pregnancy Kudryavtseva.

9 photos

9 photos

9 photos

Recall that the second time, Lera’s mother became in the middle of August 2018. Many netizens considered that the TV presenter did not give birth to her daughter Masha, having resorted to the services of a surrogate mother, to which Lera replied that she was very hurt by such speculation. For Kudryavtseva’s husband, hockey player Igor Makarov, the child became the first, and the leader also has an adult son, Jean, who in early August 2018 himself became the first father. The son of a TV star gave birth in a marriage with a musician of the group “Tender May” Sergey Lenyuk.

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An American from a family of anti-vaccines decided to vaccinate their children

30-year-old mother of two children Abby Clint lives in Erie, Pennsylvania. This state, as well as many more US states, has recently affected the measles epidemic. On April 30, she posted on Facebook a post stating that on this day her youngest seven-month-old daughter, Madeline, received her next vaccinations. In a post, Abby said that she herself was not vaccinated in childhood, and therefore she had to catch up and be vaccinated during her two pregnancies.

“Thank God, I did not get measles during pregnancy! I am glad that my little ones will not suffer from preventable infectious diseases. Vaccinations save lives. I am proud that I vaccinate myself and vaccinate my children! ”- wrote Abby in her post, accompanying him with an infographic, clearly demonstrating the risks associated with preventable infections, as well as the lack of scientific evidence for any relationship between vaccines and autism in children. It is with this supposedly existing relationship that the anti-vaccination sources usually argue their refusal to vaccinate children.

The post Abby became viral and expectedly caused holivar in social networks. In the comments, users said that, like Abby, they were also not vaccinated in childhood, but they decided to vaccinate their children.

Many thanked Abby for vaccinating children, because by doing so she takes care of the safety of not only her daughters, but also babies who are still too early to be vaccinated, and people with weak immune systems for whom infections can be fatal.

However, Abby, of course, became the target of harassment from active anti-vaccines.

Since then, Abby has been at the center of a stormy debate about vaccination, which is going on in American society due to measles outbreaks in different states. She actively promotes the importance of vaccination of children not only in social networks, but also in the media. Many local and national online publications wrote about her, and recently Abby along with her daughters, two-year-old Josephine and seven-month-old Madeline, even appeared on the television channel FoxNews.

In an interview with the local resource YourErie, Abby told why she was not imparted as a child: “There are six children in my family. During the third pregnancy, the mother had complications, there were misunderstandings with the doctors — since then she has lost faith in medical methods. There were no drugs in the parental family except for folk remedies, and no one was ever vaccinated. ”

Abby herself for the time being did not think about it, but when she got married, she was greatly influenced by conversations with her mother-in-law.

She told Abby that she almost died of rubella herself, explained to her daughter-in-law the importance of vaccinations and asked to be vaccinated on her own and vaccinate children. Abby followed her mother-in-law's advice and does not regret it at all.

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Near Omsk, the mother tied his son to the post because of a truancy of lessons

The investigative committee opened a criminal case against an accountant from the village of Lyubinsky, Omsk Region, who severely punished her son for going to school.

According to preliminary data, the 10-year-old child did not go to school and missed several lessons. In the evening he came home and confessed to his mother that he had skipped classes. The village woman became infuriated and decided to teach her son a lesson. She beat the boy with a belt, and then tied him in a shed to a post. And so that the child did not call for help — she pushed a sock gag into his mouth and tied a gauze bandage. Her 19-year-old daughter, a student at a pedagogical college, helped her son punish the villager. After the boy stopped resisting, the mother and sister turned off the lights in the barn and locked the building with a lock.

After a while, the cold child was able to untie the hands. He got out of the barn through the window and ran to a friend. His parents immediately reported the incident to the police. The representative of SU TFR in the Omsk region Larisa Boldinova said:

Currently, the injured student is located in a social rehabilitation center for minors. According to the examination, the child was diagnosed with bodily injuries in the form of bruises and bruises.

A criminal case was initiated against the mother of the child under Article 156 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Non-fulfillment of obligations to raise a minor”. The issue of initiation of criminal cases under article 117 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Torture” and article 127 of the Russian Federation “Illegal imprisonment” is being resolved.

As noted by the UK, the family is characterized positively, was not registered and did not have a problem with the law. The boy told investigators that his mother had already “raised” him with a belt — for not helping with housework.

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Media: in the UK, doctors first operated on the fetus in the womb

British doctors performed a unique operation using minimally invasive surgery to restore the spine of an unborn child who was in the womb. As the BBC Broadcasting Corporation informed, such a surgical procedure was first successfully performed in the United Kingdom.

Surgeons at London's Kings College Hospital used modern technology to prevent the progression of fetal spinal malformation in the 27th week of pregnancy. In this condition, an incomplete closure of the neural tube occurs in the unformed spinal cord, which can lead to a serious impairment of physical and mental development, including paralysis.

Sherry Sharp from Horsham, West Sussex, also successfully underwent a three-hour operation. “I wanted to do everything possible for my baby to have a better life,” said the woman.

The doctors managed to put the fetal spinal cord in the correct position and close the defect in the spine. According to neurosurgeon Bassel Zebian, now the baby will hope for a "significant improvement" of his condition during his life, but he warned that he will not succeed in completely eliminating the consequences of the developmental defect.

Sharp gave birth to the baby early, at the 33rd week of pregnancy, that is, six weeks after the operation. The newborn baby was named Jackson, and now he is in the neonatal intensive care unit. The baby’s condition causes optimism in both his parents and doctors, and he has already begun to move his lower limbs.

His legs are now moving. We were told that he would have minimal movements if we did not perform an operation, or he would not be able to move at all.
Sherry Sharp

At the end of last year, the first intrauterine fetus operation with the same malformation of the spine was performed in the UK, but it was performed using classical invasive surgery by opening the abdomen and uterus of the mother.

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Rescuers rescued father stuck in the playground

In the English city of Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, firefighters rescued a man who was stuck in a children's attraction. This is the British edition of the Daily Mail.

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37-year-old Paul Clark tried to show his daughter how to ride a swinging helicopter chair located on the playground. The man told:

My youngest daughter asked what kind of helicopter it was. She refused to sit in it until I show how it works.

According to Clark, he sat in a narrow seat and could not get out. The daughter decided that the situation looked funny, and started shooting everything on the camera of the phone. A man for half an hour trying to get off the attraction, tore the pants and smashed the smartphone. Desperate, he took his daughter's gadget and called the rescuers.

Arriving at the scene, the firefighters neatly unscrewed the handles of the "helicopter", which prevented Clark from getting up, and released him. “Some people think that I’ve been worrying about lifeguards in vain. But I myself certainly would not have got out, "- concluded the Briton.

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Unaware of pregnancy a woman scared her lover by sudden childbirth

A resident of the Scottish city of Falkirk, who did not know about her pregnancy, suddenly gave birth. This is reported by the local newspaper The Daily Record.

Mum who gave birth to her baby in the bathroom? Https://

— Daily Mirror (@DailyMirror) May 17, 2019
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20-year-old Stacy Porter felt stomach cramps on May 10th. At this time, her beloved David Johnston was sleeping on the couch. In the morning a man woke up and saw on the screen of the phone, which was in silent mode, 60 missed calls from Porter. Seconds later, the girl called again and said: "Go upstairs, I gave birth."

“Everything was foggy, I think I woke up screaming or crying,” recalls David. He went to the bathroom where Porter was and called the ambulance.

A paramedic sent me to collect a bag. For reasons unknown to me, I climbed into the refrigerator for things. I still can not describe the emotions that then experienced.
David johnston

According to Porter, the birth was pretty quick and painless. Literally a few minutes after Sophia Grace came into the world, Johnston came running to help.

The new mother noted that she had taken birth control pills before the baby was born and had not planned the child. All this time she allowed herself to drink alcohol and flew on vacation over long distances, which is contraindicated in pregnancy.

Paramedics who arrived at the scene admitted that they first encountered a similar case. As a result, the doctors examined the plaid and her daughter and concluded that both were completely healthy.

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American warned parents about the deadly danger of amber beads

The tragedy in question occurred on December 10, 2016 in the vicinity of Los Angeles, California. An 18-month-old Deacon Maureen was found unconscious in his crib by staff of the nursery where he went. Amber beads in a dream tightly wrapped around the baby's neck, and all attempts to unbutton them were unsuccessful. As a result, the beads were removed, but it was too late — the baby died.

According to the boy's mother, Daniel Morin, a teething necklace made of Baltic amber was presented by a close friend of the family. She bought this product at the popular Etsy online store in the United States. The description of the goods said that it is equipped with a clasp, which is automatically unzipped when pressed. But the beads, because of which the Deacon died, the device of the fastener was different: it was screwed, because of which the personnel of the nursery could not quickly unbutton it.

The other day, according to CBS, Daniel filed a lawsuit against Etsy and the Lithuanian company that put beads on the site. She accused them of selling poor-quality and dangerous goods to the lives of children.

According to Daniel, with her lawsuit, she wants to draw attention to the problem and warn other parents to be more attentive to toys and other children's products that could be a potential danger to children.

Etsy does not recognize the blame, recalling that this is just an online platform through which sellers can put up goods for sale: therefore, Etsy is not responsible for their quality. The company believes that employees of the manger who put the boy to bed with a necklace around his neck and the unfair seller are to blame for what happened to Deacon.

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Ksenia Sobchak spent the weekend with her son

Ksenia Sobchak showed how she spends time with her son. She published on the network photos of grown-up Plato, shot from the back.

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Publication from Ksenia Sobchak (@xenia_sobchak) 19 May 2019 at 12:07 PDT

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The star has signed the frame with the hashtag # of live output. In the comments, fans noted that such a weekend could be considered ideal, and also added that Plato, who is now 2.5 years old, is growing very fast. "Great weekend. It is necessary to catch every minute with him. Children grow up so fast, ”“ Grown up straight! What is, such and the best weekend! "," Excellent weekend "," Fast growing "," Max figure ", — write Xenia.

It is noteworthy that the same pictures of the boy appeared in the story of Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan, with whom the lead broke up not so long ago.

It should be noted that Vitorgan and Sobchak officially announced their separation in early March 2019, and the former spouses noted that their break would not affect the joint upbringing of their son. The reason for the rupture of a star couple called a possible romance of Xenia with director Konstantin Bogomolov. Plato is the only common child of Sobchak and Vitorgan, he was born in November 2016. Maxim also has two adult children from a previous relationship.

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5-year-old son of Stas Piekha grows his copy

You can rarely see the shots with your son on the 38-year-old Stas Pieha's instagram: after the parents leave the boy, he lives with his mother. Peter is rarely met with his father, but the other day the singer published a photo taken during a recent meeting with his son and told how they spent their time.

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Publication by Stanislav Piekha (@wolfieha) May 18, 2019 at 3:21 PDT

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Peter Stanislavych at the meeting was active! I jumped over the pond, ran around the building, smashed a woodpile, developed the vestibular apparatus on different twisters and in the final … Triumphantly fell into the fountain! Glad we are like this.
Stas Pieha

Fans of the artist in the comments note that Petya is similar with the Pope not only in character, but also in appearance: “Very similar”, “One person! Like a blueprint! ”,“ Peter is beautiful! ”,“ How alike you are! I am sure that I will grow up a real man like my dad, ”“ Copy, ”“ Cool boy Peter! Looks like dad, ”“ Dad and son are one person! ”,“ Both are handsome, ”network users write.

Recall Peter was born in 2014. Stas announced the appearance of the boy to the public only a few years after his birth. As the singer recently told, he rarely sees his son and is even afraid to be alone with him, but he supports him financially. Now the singer and mother of the boy are divorced, Piekha has a new girlfriend.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton showed touching photos of grown children

The official account of the Kensington Palace published new family photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children: 4-year-old Charlotte, 5-year-old George and one-year-old Prince Louis. In photographs taken by photographer Matt Porteous, the whole family is imprinted in the back to nature garden.

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Post by Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal) May 19, 2019 at 2:31 am PDT

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Post by Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal) May 19, 2019 at 2:31 am PDT

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With the help of a photo, Kate Middleton and William announced the annual garden exhibition of the Royal Society of Gardeners Chelsea Flower Show, which will be held from 21 to 25 May in London. In the comments to the frames in the network, it is noted that the daughter and sons of the dukes have often been to Chelsea in recent months and have helped in the preparation of the exhibition.

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Post by Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal) May 19, 2019 at 2:31 am PDT

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Earlier in an interview with Kate, who oversees the garden Back to Nature, said:

I feel that nature and outdoor communication are of great importance for our physical and psychological health, especially for young children. I hope that this garden we have created will inspire families and children to go out more often, enjoy nature and spend time together.

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