The teacher from Barnaul was forced to quit because of the photos in a bathing suit

Tatiana Kuvshinnikova, a teacher of Russian language and literature, stated that she had to quit due to pressure from the school administration. In an interview with the radio station "Moscow says" she said that her lessons began to come with checks, and colleagues stopped to greet her.

A teacher from Barnaul was forced to resign because of a photo in a bathing suit: a woman was hounded by colleagues and parents of students #school #education

— Channel 5 News (@ 5tv) March 25, 2019

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They began to go with tests for lessons. The director told me that we will check on how you lead the lesson. I prepared for the dictation she [директор] did not come when dictation was to be. And then, when I did not expect to come with a check, she sent a head teacher. She sat in my class and began to find fault with everything, she said that she would come again on Monday. And I decided that I would no longer work there — I had enough.
Tatyana Kuvshinnikova

The teacher also complained that the school began to persecute her son, who is in the 11th grade. He is threatened not to be allowed to come to the USE:

She is [учительница] his poison, yes. Causes to the blackboard and twos puts. She knows that he acts as an actor, why does he need mathematics? There is no way to change the approach, would give the card easier. If, nevertheless, the son is not allowed to come to the USE, then for sure I will go everywhere.
Tatyana Kuvshinnikova

Nevertheless, the teacher noted, the students and their parents continue to support her after her dismissal.

The pressure on Kuvshinnikova began in the winter, when she published photos in social networks in a closed bathing suit and evening dress. The teacher has been in winter swimming for several years and is a member of the Altai federation of hardening and winter swimming “Polar Bears”. Sensational photos were taken after the swim in honor of the Universiade in Krasnoyarsk.

The mother of one of the students complained to the school principal. As a result, the teacher was dismissed, accusing that she lures students. Later, due to public outcry, she was reinstated.

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Smoking future fathers associated with the risk of congenital heart defects in their children

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The results of the meta-analysis revealed an association between the smoking of future fathers and the development of congenital heart defects in their children, says the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. Moreover, smoking fathers correlates with the occurrence of the disease even more than the active smoking of the mother. But the strongest association was between the risk of developing congenital heart defects in children and passive smoking of the mother.

Congenital heart defects (CHD, defects in the structure of the heart or large vessels) are the most common cause of infant mortality from malformations. About eight percent of children worldwide and nearly nine percent of children in China are born with CHD. Scientists have already found a positive association between mother smoking during pregnancy and the development of CHD in a child. Studies that would identify the relationship between the development of CHD in a child and passive smoking of the mother (and it is much more common than active) and smoking of the future father are also published, but their results contradict each other.

In addition, most of them were carried out mainly on samples from Europe and the United States, and did not include studies of Chinese smokers. Meanwhile, China is the world's largest producer and consumer of tobacco products, and the results of research in China can change the overall picture.

Therefore, Chinese researchers, led by Dr. Jiabi Qin from Central South University in Changsha, conducted a meta-analysis of 125 studies from international and Chinese databases for the period between 1971 and June 2018. The selection criteria were:

publication in English or Chinese;
the study was cohort or case-control (two groups with different results of the study are compared on the basis of the expected factor affecting the result);
active or passive smoking of the mother and / or smoking of the father and its influence on the development of CHD was investigated, as a result the relative risk of CHD was calculated.
As a result, the researchers included 8.77 million participants and 137.6 thousand cases of CHD in the meta-survey. In total, the authors studied 63 studies (50.4 percent), conducted in Asia, 22 (17.6 percent) — in Europe, 38 (30.4 percent) — in North America and one work from Oceania and South America.

Scientists confirmed the association between active maternal smoking and the risk of CHD in a child, the risk coefficient (CR) was 1.25 (p <0.01). The associations between the risk of developing CHD in a child and passive smoking of the mother and smoking of the father were even stronger. The risk factors compared with the control group were 2.24 and 1.74, respectively (in both cases, p <0.01). The highest risk of developing CHD was found in children from Asia: the risk factors for active and passive smoking of the mother and smoking of the father were 2.18, 2.56 and 1.77, respectively. The risk of CHD was higher in children whose mothers smoked before pregnancy (CR = 1.46, p <0.01).

Jiabi Qin says:

Future fathers should stop smoking. Smoking fathers is a significant source of passive smoking in pregnant women, and it seems to be even more dangerous for an unborn child than active smoking.

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Ivan Urgant showed a rare photo of a 3-year-old daughter

The post of 40-year-old Ivan Urgant in instagram seems to have excited even his closest friends. An anchorman posted a rare photo of Valeria’s 3-year-old daughter online, in which he wrote the following comments:

Dear subscribers, friends, just not indifferent people … It's not easy to write about this, but the situation has gone too far. And I do not want you to find out about it from outsiders. It so happened that we kept this information hidden from prying eyes. Not wanting to distract anyone with their family events. But apparently the time has come.

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Publication by Ivan Urgant (@urgantcom) March 22, 2019 at 12:35 PDT

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Despite the exciting start, Ivan’s post turned out to be just a joke. In continuation of his “frank confession”, the TV host said that another “woman” had appeared in his house — a cute dog named Pear. Beard released Urgant also joked on the fact that the new pet also has facial hair:

The internal charter of the Urgant family, its unwritten law, which appeared even under Lasse Urgant, a glassblower from the suburb of Malmö, forbids all women of our family to shave their beards without exception.

Subscribers of Urgant reacted differently to the lead drawing. One liked the joke, others asked “not to scare more”, since the introduction to the news about the pet's appearance was too disturbing, especially since this text was written under the picture of Ivan’s little daughter, and the first thought of the fans was that with Valeria some trouble has happened.

Recall that Urgant and his wife Natalia Kiknadze have four children: 22-year-old Niko and 18-year-old Erica (son and daughter of Natalia from her first marriage), as well as 10-year-old Nina and 3-year-old Valeria.

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Julia Nachalova's daughter said goodbye to her mother in a letter

Yulia Nachalova's relatives told about how the 12-year-old daughter of the singer Vera is experiencing the loss of her mother. According to the father of the deceased actress Viktor Nachalova, the girl is in deep shock, but holds steadfastly. Near her are constantly close people, including her father, Yevgeny Aldonin.

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Posted by Julia Nachalova (@julianachalova) on Apr 13, 2018 at 10:06 am PDT

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A few days after mother’s death, Vera wrote a letter in which she said farewell to her. In the program of Andrey Malakhov “Live broadcast” Victor described the condition of his granddaughter:

Experiencing, but holding on. Character showed hysteria no. She wrote a letter to her.

He did not disclose the text of the message, as it turned out to be very personal.

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Post by VeraAldonina (@v_aldo_) March 4th, 2018 at 3:23 PST

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Vera, to the last, did not know that her mother was in a serious condition in the hospital. Shortly before the hospitalization Nachalova, a girl with classmates went to London. Relatives did not admit the thought that Yulia’s health problems could lead to tragedy, so they kept Vera in ignorance. March 16, the daughter of the artist returned to Russia, her plane landed an hour after the singer's heart stopped. Vera found out what had happened from her father in a car on the way from the airport.

The girl will be raised by her maternal grandparents. The father and legal guardian of the Faith, Yevgeny Aldonin, has no plans to prevent this.

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Publication by Evgeny Aldonin (@evgeny_aldonin) Sep 1, 2016 at 1:10 am PDT

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Faith with father

Julia Nachalova and Yevgeny Aldonin have been married for five years. The press reported their divorce in December 2011, but the couple maintained warm relations and Vera spent a lot of time with her father. Now Evgeny has a new family — a young spouse Olga and a two-year-old son.

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The network was struck by the similarity of the 3-year-old daughter of Nikolaev with his mother

59-year-old Igor Nikolayev posted a cute snapshot on instagram, which was captured with his 3-year-old daughter Veronika and his mother Svetlana Mitrofanovna. “Hurray, grandmother arrived! Granddaughter happy! ”- signed the frame artist.

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Publication from Igor Nikolaev / Igor Nikolaev (@igor_nikolaev_music) March 23, 2019 at 3:04 PDT

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Fans of the singer, seeing the photo, marveled at the similarity of Veronica with her grandmother. Many even are sure that at the age of Svetlana Mitrofanovna the daughter of Nikolaev will look also. “A granddaughter is a copy of a grandmother”, “Veronika is very much like a grandmother”, “Veronika is a poured grandmother!”, “Oh, so Veronica is a copy of a grandmother”, “And I think she doesn’t look like her father or mother. It's all about the grandmother, ”“ They even laugh the same, ”“ How similar with the granny! Copy! ”They wrote in the comments to the photo.

We will remind that Veronika — the only common child of Nikolaev and his wife Yulia Proskuryakova — was born in October, 2015. From his first marriage, Igor also has a 40-year-old daughter, Julia.

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Pensioner has made alimony for 52-year-old daughter

73-year-old Tony Anderson from San Diego sued her ex-husband Donald Lenhart, demanding payment of child support arrears. A man fled from the USA to Canada in the 1970s, when his daughter Lane was three years old. Since then, he has not listed the former family a penny. Now Lane is 52 years old.

Woman wins child support for her 52-year-old daughter

— Wilson Jacob (@wilsonjmashaka) March 24, 2019

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When Tony learned that her ex-husband had returned to the United States, she went to court and won the case.

Somehow, in the middle of a sleepless night, I suddenly realized that there was no statute of limitations on alimony arrears.
Tony anderson

Lenhart was supposed to pay $ 160 per month per child. The court ordered the man to reimburse his daughter 150 thousand dollars.

50 years after their 52-year-old daughter #divorce.

Details >>

— KTNV Action News (@KTNV) March 22, 2019

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Anderson says that she gave her daughter everything she could — sent her to study at a college in Paris and then supported her while she started her own business in interior design. Lane now runs his mother’s firm. Tony herself is already retired.

Anna Lysenko

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In the maternity hospital in Moscow investigate the situation with pregnant measles pregnant woman

Syda Productions / Laurie Photobank

In one of the Moscow maternity hospitals, an investigation began of the situation with a measles mother who has fallen ill, reported on Facebook by the deputy head doctor of the children's polyclinic № 110 Alexander Sviridov:

Of course, this is an emergency city scale. An investigation has begun. Those who are guilty, of course, will be punished. Perhaps, I will get it (this is for those who believe that the doctors are to blame — although in this case, I consider it absolutely sincere that there is no fault of the doctors!).

Earlier, on March 17, he told that a mother who was pregnant for the last time, whose eldest child was suffering from measles, went to an ordinary maternity hospital, hiding the fact that she was in contact and was discharged with suspicion of measles. In support of his words, he gave a copy of the statement:

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According to the doctor, 70 women in childbirth and pregnant women and more than 40 newborns are at risk of disease:

The maternity hospital is closed until April 6 to receive pregnant women … That is, those who expected, perhaps, to give birth close to home, will now go to other areas.

Also, as the doctor says, the maternity hospital is losing millions of rubles economically — these are funds for expenses, including salaries for employees who cannot find work elsewhere, because before the expiration of anti-epidemic measures they cannot cross the threshold of another medical institution.

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Director, who shot Zavorotnyuk before the birth of a child: "She had no belly"

In early March, 47-year-old Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and her 48-year-old husband Peter Chernyshev surprised the public with the news that they had become parents in October 2018: they had a daughter, Mila, born. The fact that no one saw the actress pregnant, she explained with her secretiveness and reluctance to be pitied, "if something goes wrong."

Despite the assurances of Anastasia that she just managed to keep her position in secret thanks to her rare public appearance, fans did not believe this story and suspected that the daughter of the actress had given birth to a surrogate mother. On the eve, another confirmation of the fans' guess appeared — director Alexei Kiryushchenko commented on "Komsomolskaya Pravda" that almost the entire autumn of 2018 Zavorotnyuk was shot in the second season of his TV series "Between us girls" and was not pregnant

Only from the news learned about it. I can not understand: how did she give birth ?! Nobody saw her pregnant. Maybe there was a surrogate mother? I do not understand how she could have a daughter in the fall of last year, when she was with me from September to the end of November participated in the filming of the series "Between us, girls 2"? And she had no belly. And in general, it was published, was thin. Nothing foreshadowed. And suddenly!

On the question of the publication, is it possible that the actress was filmed with a baby break, the director answered in the negative:

She starred without interruption, she had a big role in my series, she spent a lot of time on the set. And kept herself in good physical shape.

Recall Zavorotnyuk and Chernyshev together since 2008. Mila is the first child of the skater, and the actress from previous relationships also has older children: 18-year-old Michael and 23-year-old Anna.

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In St. Petersburg, a student was burned by touching a dangerous plant in school.

The incident occurred at school number 336: the boy out of curiosity touched Dieffenbachia, and then touched his forehead. In the children's city hospital named after Filatov, where the child was taken, he was diagnosed with a first-degree chemical burn. Also, a second grader complained of a headache.

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Publication from Meister Kvіtіv and Podarunkіv (@kvitu_y_gopwukax) 21 Mar 2019 at 1:01 PDT

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This is how dieffenbachia

"The audit showed that the school violated the requirements of federal legislation providing for the creation of conditions for the protection and promotion of students' health," the prosecutor's office notes.

Following the results of the inspection, the department made a submission to the school’s director with a request to eliminate the violations, as well as to bring the guilty officials to disciplinary responsibility.

Dieffenbachia is a tropical plant with large variegated leaves that reaches 2 meters in height and is often used to decorate interiors. Since the poisonous juice of this plant causes dermatitis and skin burns, it is not recommended to put it in places that are accessible to children and pets.

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