Evgeny Aldonin published archival photos with daughter Yulia Nachalova

Famous football player Yevgeny Aldonin on social networks showed archive photos with his daughter Vera, who was born in his marriage with Yulia Nachalova. The reason for publication was the celebration of his son Artem, who turned two and a half years old the day before. View this post on Instagram Posted by Yevgeny Aldonin […]

Football player Yevgeny Aldonin gave 12-year-old daughter to parents of Yulia Nachalova

After the tragic death of the 38-year-old singer Yulia Nachalova, her grandfather and maternal grandmother, who often took the girl away while her mother toured, will raise her daughter Vera. Father and legal guardian Yevgeny Aldonin does not plan to prevent this. View this post on Instagram Publication by Evgeny Aldonin (@evgeny_aldonin) Sep 1, 2016 […]