"Children will follow how their work is scanned."

lori.ru In 2019, schoolchildren from eight Russian regions will be able to personally observe how the USE works that they submitted are scanned, the main stage of which starts in a week. This was reported to Izvestia by the deputy head of the Rosobrnadzor, Anzor Muzaev. According to him, schools in the pilot subjects will […]

Sasha Savelyeva returned to work a month after giving birth

17 pictures 17 pictures 17 pictures 35-year-old Sasha Savelyeva, who for the first time became a mother a little more than a month ago, went to work. The singer recorded a new composition with guitarist Mikhail Savichev, who published a picture with the artist in instagram. View this post on Instagram Publication from Miguelito Mikhail […]

Doctors: work at night greatly increases the risk of miscarriage

© Syda Productions / Photobank Lori Working on night shifts increases the risk of miscarriage, Danish doctors found out from the Bispebjerg and Fredericksburg hospitals. The study was published in the journal Occupational & Environmental Medicine. Scientists analyzed data on almost 23 thousand pregnancies and compared them with the work schedule of women and their […]

"I was very scared": Zakharova told about work in the last months of pregnancy

Legion-media.ru Being pregnant, Elena Zakharova starred in Alexei Petrukhin’s film The Last Test, which comes out on screens this summer. The film tells about the terrorist attack in the theater center on Dubrovka, which occurred in October 2002. I was very scared. When you see people in masks running into the hall, fear and horror […]

British parents work with tutors to help children with homework

Yakov Filimonov / Photobank Lori A new trend has appeared among parents of schoolchildren in the UK: alarmed by the fact that they cannot sort out their children's homework and help them, moms and dads turn to private tutors. Adults pay for private lessons at £ 40 (about 3,400 rubles) per hour to understand what […]