Media: Alina Kabaeva gave birth to twins

Alina Kabaeva | In the Russian editions it was reported that the 36-year-old gymnast Alina Kabaeva first became a mother. As insiders told House 2 Life portal, the athlete gave birth to two boys. The portal reports that the birth took place on May 7 in Moscow, in the elite center of obstetrics and […]

Beyoncé spoke about the difficulties of pregnancy with twins

View this post on Instagram Post by Beyonce (@beyknowcar) Apr 29th, 2018 at 10:50 am PDT An error occurred during the download. In her new documentary, Homecoming, released on the Netflix streaming service, Beyonce very frankly shared what she had gone through, becoming pregnant with twins. Recall that the 37-year-old singer and her husband, rapper […]

The mother of the twins always hides one of them because of the intrusive attention of passersby.

Australian Jesse Nell has four young children — 5-year-old Evie, 3-year-old Spencer, and nine-week-old twins Gracie and Harry. It is clear that life for Jess is not easy, and she has no time for empty talk. But when a mother of many children appears with all her children on the street, they are receiving increased […]

Siamese twins who abandoned separation as a child celebrated their 18th birthday

Siamese twins from the Indian state of Chhattisgarh said they did not regret the refusal of a surgical operation that could have separated them. Reports the edition about it the Daily Mail. World Famous Conjoined Twins Turns 18 Years! — Akahi News (@AkahiNews) April 5, 2019 An error occurred during the download. “Now […]

After adultery, the woman gave birth to twins from different men.

© Syda Productions / Photobank Lori In the Chinese city of Xiamen recorded an extremely rare phenomenon. One of the residents were born twins from different fathers. The truth was revealed when the spouse of the woman began to suspect that something was wrong: the man was sure that one of the children was completely […]