14 nurses got pregnant at the same time in the hospital

In the US city of Boston, Massachusetts, 14 nurses of the oncology department of the hospital immediately became pregnant. About this, representatives of Massachusetts General Hospital reported in the official Twitter-account. Whoa Mamas! The lunder 10 #oncology Family at the Massachusetts General Hospital is 14 #pregnant nurses on the floor, one of whom is expecting […]

Gears were born in Poland for the first time

lori.ru Two boys and four girls were born on Monday, May 20, by caesarean section at 29 weeks gestation at the University Hospital Krakow. And one girl was a surprise: she was not seen during the ultrasound, so both the medical staff and parents waited for the birth of their five-year-olds, according to huffpost.com. “Just […]

Eight nurses became pregnant at the same time in the hospital

In the US city of Peabody, Massachusetts, eight nurses of the hospital maternity ward immediately became pregnant. Each woman is at a different gestational age. Eight nurses became pregnant at the same time in the hospital pic.twitter.com/JSBcOhlLiR — Vikusya (@vika_miami) May 16, 2019 An error occurred during the download. Presumably, children will be born between […]

Two brothers for the first time in their life were cut at the age of 11 and 12 years

Jensen and Cooper Allens from West Bridgford (Nottinghamshire), until recently, everyone in the county was called "gold hair". The brothers never in their lives have not visited the hairdresser, and long blond hair became their calling card, writes The Daily Mail. Brothers with haircuts aged 11 and 12 get their first hair locks get https://t.V/V6cQAILgvn […]

The daughter of Ani Lorak first met in a long time with her father

Former husband Ani Lorak for the first time in several months spent time with his daughter. Murat Nalchadzhioglu entertained Sofia all weekend. They went to a restaurant, after which they attended a show and a petting zoo. An error occurred during the download. Murat shared on Instagram the story on which Sofia reads rap. In […]

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West became parents for the fourth time.

Legion-media.ru The 38-year-old Kim Kardashian and the 41-year-old Kanye West have an addition to the family — the surrogate mother has given birth to her famous spouses. This was reported on her Twitter star reality show: He is here and he is perfect! View this post on Instagram Publication by Marie Claire (@marieclairemag) May 10, […]

The Star of The Big Bang Theory will be the father for the first time

43-year-old Johnny Galeki, who plays one of the main roles in the hugely popular The Big Bang Theory series, will soon try himself in a new role. The fact is that already this year he will become the father for the first time. The future mother of his first child, Elaine Meyer. About this the […]

Megan Markle and Prince Harry became parents for the first time.

22 pictures 22 pictures 22 pictures More photos of pregnant Megan Markl and Prince Harry look in the gallery. 34-year-old Prince Harry and his 37-year-old spouse Megan Markle became parents for the first time: the royal couple had a son. This was reported by the official instagram of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. View […]

Julia Baranovskaya wants to be a mother for the fourth time

Legion-media.ru TV presenter Julia Baranovskaya gave an interview to the portal Letidor, in which she admitted that she would gladly have given birth to a fourth child: I would like to give birth to another child, but before that I marry a decent man, with whom I would definitely want to start a family and […]

44-year-old actress Ekaterina Arkharova will become a mother for the first time

Ekaterina Arkharova | legion-media.ru 44-year-old actress Catherine Arkharova, known for the TV series "Traffic Light" and "Kamenskaya", is preparing for the first time to become a mother. Rumors about the interesting position of the artist were confirmed during the Moscow International Film Festival, when the outfits could no longer hide the figure of Arkharova. An […]