In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, dismissed a teacher who offended a student

Earlier it was reported that the teacher was suspended from work in connection with a resonant incident in the classroom, the audio recording of the incident was made by one of the students in the class. “As a result of the audit initiated by the management of school No. 4 of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the employment contract […]

He sat down at the teacher's table with a pistol and a knife: in Kazan, a high school student took a whole class hostage

On Monday, May 13, in Kazan, a pupil of the 10th grade at gymnasium No. 7, Iskander H. carried an air pistol and a kitchen knife past the guards. With this arsenal, he took his class hostage. The guy entered the Russian language classroom, demanded that the teacher release the table and sat behind him. […]

Primary school student saved the forest from fire

Primary school student saved the forest from firehttps: // — Letidor (@LetidorRu) May 7, 2019 An error occurred during the download. Danil Filatov from the village of Karamyshevo, Lipetsk Region, recently fished with his grandfather on a river near a forest. At one point, he noticed that the grass was beginning to burn. The […]

Russian student made a world discovery in medicine

A student of the physics and mathematics school Alexander Bankov made an important discovery in the field of microbiology and medicine. Thanks to him, antibiotic therapy will soon become more effective. The invention of a teenager will help determine the sensitivity of bacteria to a particular antibiotic in an hour or two, and prescribe an […]

The head of the UK: the cause of a student attack on a college in Kerch became persecution

A fourth-year college student in Kerch, Vladislav Roslyakov, could have attacked an educational institution because of the humiliation of fellow students. The reason was that the young man and those with whom he studied had a difference in property status, said the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin during a lecture, the video of […]

Every fifth Russian school student suffered from insults of teachers

Fedor Royal / Photobank Lori More than 20 percent of Russian schoolchildren were faced with insults by teachers. Such data was presented by the project of the All-Russian Popular Front “Equal Opportunities for Children” at the Moscow International Salon of Education, the Moscow Agency reports. 26 percent of students believe that the school environment had […]

Police in St. Petersburg are checking the reports of a student being beaten by a teacher

St. Petersburg police are checking after reporting to law enforcement authorities that a school teacher in the Admiralteisky district of the city, according to a student, allegedly beat him. About this TASS said a law enforcement source. “The police are conducting an inspection,” the agency’s source said. Earlier, regional media reported that a fourth-grader from […]

In St. Petersburg, a student was burned by touching a dangerous plant in school.

The incident occurred at school number 336: the boy out of curiosity touched Dieffenbachia, and then touched his forehead. In the children's city hospital named after Filatov, where the child was taken, he was diagnosed with a first-degree chemical burn. Also, a second grader complained of a headache. View this post on Instagram Publication from […]