Lera Kudryavtseva showed a family picture with her husband and daughter

48-year-old Lera Kudryavtseva, who is now resting in Miami with her husband Igor Makarov and daughter Masha, shared a touching family photo. The TV star, who prefers to hide Masha from the public, made an exception and showed her grown-up daughter, however, having closed her face with smiles. View this post on Instagram Publication from […]

Sergey Bezrukov showed fans a summer photo of children

Sergey Bezrukov has pleased subscribers with a new family frame. He published a photo of his children — 6-month-old son Stepan and 3-year-old daughter Maria. The company of children sunbathing on the grass was a dog named Polly. View this post on Instagram Publication from Sergey Bezrukov (@s_bezrukov) 22 May 2019 at 2:49 PDT An […]

Husband Lera Kudryavtseva first showed daughter's face

Lera Kudryavtseva celebrated her 48th birthday on a luxury yacht off the coast of Miami. On this day, her friends and her relatives were with the presenter — her husband, Igor Makarov, and daughter, Masha, who recently turned 9 months old. An error occurred during the download. In honor of the holiday, the TV host's […]

Prince William and Kate Middleton showed touching photos of grown children

The official account of the Kensington Palace published new family photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children: 4-year-old Charlotte, 5-year-old George and one-year-old Prince Louis. In photographs taken by photographer Matt Porteous, the whole family is imprinted in the back to nature garden. View this post on Instagram Post by Kensington […]

Nyusha showed a rare photo with a 6-month-old daughter

9 photos 9 photos 9 photos Since the 28-year-old Nyusha, who first became a mother in November 2018, has returned to work, she has almost never devotes fans to the details of her family life and almost does not publish pictures with the child. But there are still exceptions: the day before the actress laid […]

Scientists first showed what happens to the head of the fetus during childbirth

journals.plos.org Changes in the shape of the fetal skull occur in the second stage of labor, when the baby leaves the uterus and begins to advance through the birth canal. However, so far the details of this process have been unclear. A group of gynecologists from the clinic at the University of Auvergne (France), led […]

Daria Melnikova showed a figure after childbirth

The 27-year-old actress Daria Melnikova, known for the film “Steel Butterfly” and the TV series “Daddy’s Daughters”, became a mother for the second time in December 2018. The actress and her spouse Arthur Smolyaninova had a son, whose name the couple so far keeps secret. The other day, Daria showed a figure after giving birth, […]

Ivan Urgant showed grown daughter

41-year-old Ivan Urgant showed a rare photo of his daughter Nina in honor of her birthday: on May 15, the girl turned 11 years old. View this post on Instagram Publication by Ivan Urgant (@urgantcom) May 15, 2019 at 12:32 PDT An error occurred during the download. “Your copy”, “Daddy's daughter”, “How it looks like […]

Margarita Simonyan showed a grown belly

Tigran Keosayan is about to become a father again: his wife Margarita Simonyan is already on a long term of pregnancy. In anticipation of a joyful event, the future mother went to Adler, from where she published a new photo. View this post on Instagram Publication from Margarita Simonyan (@_m_simonyan_) 13 May 2019 at 9:47 […]

Julia Roberts' husband showed a rare shot of an actress with three children.

Julia Roberts husband Daniel Moder shared a family photo with fans with his wife and three children. View this post on Instagram Publication by modermoder (@modermoder) May 12th, 2019 at 2:59 am PDT An error occurred during the download. “Here in the middle is our wonderful mommy. We love you very much, ”the actress’s husband […]