Woman sacrificed a kidney to a man who saved her daughter's life

When the youngest daughter of an American from Minnesota, Betty Bundy, suddenly had an epileptic seizure in 2016, she called for rescuers. Bill Cox was the first to respond to a call for help, while he was a volunteer at the local fire brigade. He arrived at the call and helped the girl, and then […]

The girl miraculously saved all her family from the fire

The other day in the JAR there was a fire in a semi-detached wooden house. Thanks to the prompt actions of a minor girl, the victims were avoided. It is reported that late in the evening the child noticed a starting fire, woke up the adults and helped them evacuate. Meanwhile, the neighbors called firefighters. […]

Primary school student saved the forest from fire

Primary school student saved the forest from firehttps: //t.co/lMnwPVBZM1 pic.twitter.com/dVsXQHvqU1 — Letidor (@LetidorRu) May 7, 2019 An error occurred during the download. Danil Filatov from the village of Karamyshevo, Lipetsk Region, recently fished with his grandfather on a river near a forest. At one point, he noticed that the grass was beginning to burn. The […]

In Britain, a boy saved a girl from criminals

The young resident of the UK prevented the abduction of the girl and had the reputation of a hero. About it reports the publication The Mirror. #TiernanMcCready #Bogside #Hero she didn’t want her boyfriend! https://t.co/gftxVC7U1k — Y Maxwell-Darkes (@McCartneyMaxwel) April 10, 2019 An error occurred during the download. Tirnan McCready was in the Bogside district […]

Pregnancy saved the British life

The 29-year-old Yasmin Randall underwent an ultrasound scan in the eighth week of pregnancy. The specialist confirmed that the fetus is developing normally, but has found a tumor in the bladder of the woman. If it were not for ultrasound, the tumor could go unnoticed. The unborn child saved the life of motherhttps: //t.co/5b7Fiyhblm pic.twitter.com/u9DISwyIiV […]

A young mother at the last moment saved the children from a burning car

On Friday, April 5, Catherine Mace went to the park with two sons: a five-month-old Hunter and Tommy, who just turned a year and nine months old. The car of the woman Mazda CX5 did not start, so she took advantage of the starter battery. Upon arriving at the parking lot at the park, Mais […]

The maid at the last moment saved the baby from the falling ceiling

The maid saved a nursing baby's life by taking him out of the nursery a few seconds before the ceiling collapsed. The movie happened on the Reddit platform. Maid tells homeowner she’s some strange noises in the nurseryhttps: //t.co/ViJEQMLNNw via @Gfycat pic.twitter.com/4V1P4B0YF5 — Raz (@AFC_Raz) March 26, 2019 An error occurred during the download. The […]