Russian woman with HIV sued the guardianship, which forbade her to adopt a nephew

A resident of the Khanty-Mansiysk district was denied adoption of her nephew due to her positive HIV status. At the same time, a woman has been raising a boy for many years, since he has no other relatives. Her living conditions meet the standards for the child’s residence, she underwent the necessary psychological examination and […]

Russian airlines have decided to ban the seating of families with children

According to him, due to the fact that airlines provide passengers (including members of one family) with places “at their own discretion”, there can be “adverse consequences in case of an emergency”. So, if the child and his parents are sitting in different parts of the plane, then they will have to look for each […]

Russian schoolchild became the absolute winner of the Asian Physics Olympiad

Schoolboy from Moscow Grigory Bobkov became the absolute winner of the Asian Physical Olympiad (APhO), which was held from 5 to 12 May in Adelaide (Australia). In general, the combined team of Russian schoolchildren won two gold, four silver and one bronze medals. Russian schoolboy Grigory Bobkov ranked second at the 49th International Physical Olympiad […]

It became known what Russian parents spend the most money on.

Losevsky Pavel / Lori Photobank Last year, Russian parents spent 6.24 billion rubles on children. Such data are provided by ATOL, which analyzed data on purchases of 13,500 online cash desks and more than 3.8 million checks. It turned out that in 2018 toys became the main expense item. The Russians spent about 1.19 billion […]

Russian student made a world discovery in medicine

A student of the physics and mathematics school Alexander Bankov made an important discovery in the field of microbiology and medicine. Thanks to him, antibiotic therapy will soon become more effective. The invention of a teenager will help determine the sensitivity of bacteria to a particular antibiotic in an hour or two, and prescribe an […]

The pupil of the Russian orphanage settled in an apartment without windows and sex

In Nizhny Tagil, a pupil of an orphanage was removed from the register for housing, having determined it in an apartment that is uninhabitable. It is reported that in 2005, the girl’s parents were deprived of their rights, so the child was sent to an orphanage. In 2013, she was put on the account for […]

Children of migrants who do not want to be admitted to Russian schools created a cartoon

The project in its original form tells about the invention of telephone, radio, satellites and rockets — everything that helps people communicate through distances. For three months, the 18 wards of the Same Children Center from Africa, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, the employees of the Polytechnic Museum and a team of animators led by […]

Russian children made a swim on the rafts on a huge puddle on the playground

In Novosibirsk, children built a homemade raft and made a swim in a giant puddle, which was formed on the site of the playground as a result of snow melting. Video filmed by eyewitnesses, published NGS. NEWS. An error occurred during the download. The frame shows how three girls are floating on a raft, pushing […]

Russian vaccine against five diseases was registered at the Ministry of Health

The first Russian pentavaccine for the prevention of diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis B and hemophilic infection for children 6 months of age, created by the Natsimbio holding company (part of Rostec State Corporation), was registered by the Ministry of Health of Russia as a result of clinical trials. This is stated on Wednesday in […]

Russian woman who gave birth in the first minutes of the year was obliged to pay for the presented flowers

A resident of Omsk, who gave birth to one of the first children in 2019, Saniya Abdullina received a notification from the tax service, stating that she was obliged to pay a tax on a bouquet of flowers donated by the city administration and a certificate for children's products. This writes the "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Russian […]