14 nurses got pregnant at the same time in the hospital

In the US city of Boston, Massachusetts, 14 nurses of the oncology department of the hospital immediately became pregnant. About this, representatives of Massachusetts General Hospital reported in the official Twitter-account. Whoa Mamas! The lunder 10 #oncology Family at the Massachusetts General Hospital is 14 #pregnant nurses on the floor, one of whom is expecting […]

Eight nurses became pregnant at the same time in the hospital

In the US city of Peabody, Massachusetts, eight nurses of the hospital maternity ward immediately became pregnant. Each woman is at a different gestational age. Eight nurses became pregnant at the same time in the hospital pic.twitter.com/JSBcOhlLiR — Vikusya (@vika_miami) May 16, 2019 An error occurred during the download. Presumably, children will be born between […]

Born without a uterus, a woman became pregnant after a rare operation.

At the age of 16, Kayla Edwards was diagnosed with Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome — a congenital malformation, due to which she had no uterus or vagina. For a long time, she thought she could not have children. Nuevo nacimiento en Texas, Baylor University Medical School luego de trasplante uterino. Poco a poco la técnica va tomando […]

45-year-old Penelope Cruz was suspected of being pregnant

Beach shots of 45-year-old Penelope Cruz have appeared online, provoking rumors of a third star's pregnancy. The photo shows that the fragile and miniature actress has a noticeably rounded abdomen, and the forms have become much more magnificent than before. An error occurred during the download. The fans decided that Cruz would soon become a […]

Fasting pregnant with bipolar disorder delighted social networks

Anonymous user under the nickname Want2BeNormal shared her tragic story with other visitors of the Reddit Internet forum. According to The Daily Mail, a 29-year-old expectant mother said that she was suffering from bipolar disorder, and she would have to go to a psychiatric hospital right after giving birth. With the father of the child, […]

The appearance of stretch marks in pregnant women accused genes

depositphotos.com Stretch marks are usually perceived as the inevitable cost of pregnancy — rare lucky women do without these scars remaining on the stomach as a result of breaks in the inner layer of the epidermis. However, as scientists from the American biotechnology company 23andMe have found out, behind this “happiness” there can be genes, […]

In the maternity ward of the hospital, 15 employees immediately became pregnant.

In the US state of New York, 15 employees of one of the hospitals were pregnant at once, reports Inside Edition. All of them work as nurses and medical assistants in the maternity ward and neonatal resuscitation. It is assumed that the first one will give birth in April. Oh baby! Fifteen women who work […]

"Our child is unlikely to survive": Baldwin's wife said she was pregnant for the fifth time

legion-media.ru The wife of 61-year-old Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin reported on Instagram that she was expecting a fifth child. But instead of congratulations, fans write her words of sympathy. 35-year-old Hilaria frankly admitted that she is unlikely to be able to maintain this pregnancy — the risk of miscarriage is too great. The child's heart […]

Media: British scientists have created a test that identifies the risk of complications in pregnant women

Syda Productions / Laurie Photobank British scientists have developed a special test that allows doctors to diagnose preeclampsia much faster, a pathological condition that can develop in women during the third trimester of pregnancy. This complication, as reported by The Daily Telegraph, is characterized by high blood pressure and can pose a serious threat to […]

At school, seven female teachers became pregnant at the same time.

In the American elementary school Oak Street Elementary School, located in the city of Goddard, Kansas, seven teachers immediately became pregnant. Reports about this information portal KHQ. Baby Boom! Nearly Half the Teachers at This Kansas School Are Pregnant: 'It's So Much Fun' https://t.co/Jrb2lYJtL8 — People (@people) April 2, 2019 An error occurred during the […]