"Men thought it was immoral": the history of the invention of the pregnancy test

depositphotos.com For centuries, women have fought for independence and the right to dispose of their own bodies, and on this long journey such familiar subjects as contraceptives, pads or pregnancy tests played a significant role. The device, which allowed women to do a pregnancy test at home, was invented in the late 1960s, but it […]

Unaware of pregnancy a woman scared her lover by sudden childbirth

A resident of the Scottish city of Falkirk, who did not know about her pregnancy, suddenly gave birth. This is reported by the local newspaper The Daily Record. Mum who gave birth to her baby in the bathroom? Https://t.co/FACuAASV4W pic.twitter.com/VnbRzOB3EK — Daily Mirror (@DailyMirror) May 17, 2019 An error occurred during the download. 20-year-old Stacy […]

The ban on abortion at all stages of pregnancy entered into force in Alabama

depositphotos.com A law prohibiting abortion at almost all stages of pregnancy, and even in cases of rape or incest, came into force on Wednesday in the US state of Alabama. The governor of this state, Kay Ivey, announced on the signing of the corresponding document on her twitter: Today I introduced the law “On the […]

British pregnancy did not recognize the two tests

18-year-old Beth Martin from Blackpool is preparing to become a member of the British Border Guard. In 2018, she underwent an army and police training course on countering terrorists, which included 70 hours of intense physical activity per week. Beth is very tiny (her clothing size corresponds to the Russian 40th size), and the parameters […]

Natalia Podolskaya provoked rumors of a second pregnancy

9 photos 9 photos 9 photos The network is discussing a new snapshot of a 36-year-old Natalya Podolskaya: the singer is posing in a tight-fitting dress that emphasized her figure. The fan decided that the actress was expecting her second child, and they hurried to congratulate her on the addition to the family. View this […]

Doctors called not to trust rapid pregnancy tests

depositphotos.com Manufacturers of home pregnancy tests usually indicate in the annotation that in the first two weeks after conception, the results may be inaccurate, since at this time a sufficient concentration of pregnancy hormones in the urine has not yet been reached. However, Ann Gronowski, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Barnes-Jewish Hospital […]

Woman learned about pregnancy during labor

In Manchester, UK, a woman suddenly gave birth to a child, although her pregnancy test was negative. 25-year-old Stacy and her friend spent the whole day at the Harry Potter fan congress where they came from another city. A woman in the morning complained of nausea and pain in the back and abdomen. She went […]

Sergey Zhukov's wife stopped hiding pregnancy

Sergei Zhukov accepts congratulations from fans — apparently, the singer will soon become the father again. The wife of the star of the 90s — Regina Burd posted a video on the social network, where she has a large, rounded belly. This record was made by the spouse of the soloist of the group “Hands […]

Elena Zakharova congratulated with pregnancy

43-year-old Elena Zakharova provoked rumors of pregnancy: for the opening ceremony of the MIFF, the actress chose a spectacular red dress that could not hide her figure. View this post on Instagram Publication by Emmanuel Vitorgan (@emmanuil_vitorgan) Apr 20, 2019 at 1:02 PDT An error occurred during the download. It is noteworthy that in the […]

42-year-old Victoria Isakov congratulated with pregnancy

42-year-old Victoria Isakova provoked rumors of a second pregnancy. View this post on Instagram Publication by Ekaterina Trishkina (@ekaterina_trishkina_) 17 Apr 2019 at 5:58 PDT An error occurred during the download. Instead of her favorite tight-fitting outfits, Isakov began to put on more voluminous clothes during the outlets. View this post on Instagram Posted by […]