The network is discussing a new photo of a little daughter of Igor Nikolaev.

Igor Nikolaev wished his subscribers good morning by publishing a tender photo with his daughter Veronika. View this post on Instagram Publication by Igor Nikolaev / Igor Nikolaev (@igor_nikolaev_music) 21 May 2019 at 9:12 PDT An error occurred during the download. Fans of the artist immediately began to argue who the 3-year-old girl looks more […]

Sergey Bezrukov showed fans a summer photo of children

Sergey Bezrukov has pleased subscribers with a new family frame. He published a photo of his children — 6-month-old son Stepan and 3-year-old daughter Maria. The company of children sunbathing on the grass was a dog named Polly. View this post on Instagram Publication from Sergey Bezrukov (@s_bezrukov) 22 May 2019 at 2:49 PDT An […]

Kim Kardashian published a photo of a newborn son and revealed his name American TV star Kim Kardashian posted on Instagram a photo of her newborn son, who was born on May 10 from a surrogate mother, and also told how she and her husband Kanye West called the boy. The post is presented in the form of a screenshot of the correspondence: in the first message […]

Nyusha showed a rare photo with a 6-month-old daughter

9 photos 9 photos 9 photos Since the 28-year-old Nyusha, who first became a mother in November 2018, has returned to work, she has almost never devotes fans to the details of her family life and almost does not publish pictures with the child. But there are still exceptions: the day before the actress laid […]

Daughters of Alena Khmelnitsky shot in a fun photo shoot

48-year-old Alena Khmelnitskaya brings up two daughters: 24-year-old Alexander and 8-year-old Ksyusha. On the eve of the actress shared with the fans pictures taken during the photo shoot, the heroines of which were her daughter. View this post on Instagram Publication from Alena Khmelnitsky actress (@alxmel) 13 May 2019 at 2:58 PDT An error occurred […]

Photo: the first exits of royal persons with newborn children

9 photos 9 photos 9 photos Photo: Legion Media. Rex See also: How to bring up modern princes and princesses Royal birth: the little prince of the Internet era All about Princess Charlotte Chief editor of the blog — Felix.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya showed a touching photo with a 5-month-old son

15 pictures 15 pictures 15 pictures 33-year-old Elizabeth Boyarskaya published a cute photo on instagram, which captured her younger son Gregory. In the caption to the frame where you can see the hand of the child, the actress reported that the boy was five months old: True love. 5 months! View this post on Instagram […]

Olga Orlova showed a rare photo of her son

TV presenter Olga Orlova congratulated Artem's only son on his birthday: he turned 18 years old. In honor of such an event, the artist showed a rare photo with a boy and dedicated touching words to him. View this post on Instagram Publication by Olga Orlova (@ olgaorlova1311) 4 May 2019 at 12:07 PDT An […]

Valery Syutkin showed a nice family photo

61-year-old Valery Syutkin spent the weekend with his family and published a warm photo on instagram, which he captured with his wife Viola, 22-year-old daughter Viola (mother’s namesake) and her beloved Thor. View this post on Instagram Publication from Syutkin Valery (@syutkin_valeriy) 29 Apr 2019 at 2:53 PDT An error occurred during the download. "Our […]

Polina Gagarina showed a funny photo of her birthday girl daughter

Polina Gagarina decided to share her joy with the fans: on April 26, her daughter Mia turned two years old. The singer showed her grown-up birthday girl, but, to the chagrin of the fans, they never saw the girl’s face. View this post on Instagram Publication from Polina Gagarina (@ gagara1987) 26 Apr 2019 at […]