The baby was found abandoned in one of the houses of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg police are looking for the parents of a 7-month-old child left unattended. The boy was found on May 21 by local residents in one of the houses of Krasnoe Selo (a city in St. Petersburg). Grudnichka transferred to doctors. About his condition is not reported. Law enforcement officers have already established the boy's […]

Ombudsman: mothers will return the children from the cluttered apartment in Petersburg

Four children found in the cluttered apartment in St. Petersburg and sent to the hospital are returned to the mother, reports the office of the city ombudsman for children's rights Svetlana Agapitova. Previously, a number of regional media reported on Mowgli children, who were allegedly kept in unsanitary conditions in an apartment on Fifth Predportovoy […]

In St. Petersburg, a mother of many children will not be separated from children because of unsanitary conditions

A large St. Petersburg resident who, several days ago, was accused of keeping children in unsanitary conditions, was offered to move to a crisis center together temporarily. But the seizure of children is not a question, according to the press service of the ombudsman for children in St. Petersburg. After the public’s view, an apartment […]

In St. Petersburg, offered to give free babysitters to families with twin and triple

Acting governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, during a meeting of the city government, proposed introducing in the region a new form of support for families in which twins or triplets were born. The head of the city said that such families want to provide babysitting services at the expense of the city. By the […]

In the kindergarten of St. Petersburg increased the number of cases of intestinal infection

© Alexander Tarasenkov / Photobank Lori The number of pupils and employees of the St. Petersburg kindergarten number 53 in the Krasnogvardeisky district, infected with an intestinal infection, increased to 35. This was reported on Friday in the press service of the Rospotrebnadzor in the northern capital. Recall, initially 21 cases were identified, nine children […]

Complete victory: a deaf mother from St. Petersburg defended in court the right to raise her children

View this post on Instagram Posted by Maria Ermel (@maria_life_ermel) March 13th, 2019 at 7:47 am PDT An error occurred during the download. Maria Ermel, president of the Northwestern Association of Near Parents “Child at Home” Maria, who attended a closed meeting on April 8, told the Fontanka court that the court heard her mother’s […]

Deaf single mother from St. Petersburg showed blood alcohol inquiries

In the blood of a deaf single mother from St. Petersburg, Olesya Utkina, there is no alcohol, says Maria Ermel, president of the North-Western Association of adoptive parents. According to her, after today's court, on April 1, at which the question of whether a woman would be deprived of parental rights, was decided, they together […]

Police in St. Petersburg are checking the reports of a student being beaten by a teacher

St. Petersburg police are checking after reporting to law enforcement authorities that a school teacher in the Admiralteisky district of the city, according to a student, allegedly beat him. About this TASS said a law enforcement source. “The police are conducting an inspection,” the agency’s source said. Earlier, regional media reported that a fourth-grader from […]

In St. Petersburg, a student was burned by touching a dangerous plant in school.

The incident occurred at school number 336: the boy out of curiosity touched Dieffenbachia, and then touched his forehead. In the children's city hospital named after Filatov, where the child was taken, he was diagnosed with a first-degree chemical burn. Also, a second grader complained of a headache. View this post on Instagram Publication from […]