For children at home, offered to hold an annual certification

Children's ombudsmen offer to introduce annual certification for children in family education. The ombudsman for children in Moscow, Yevgeny Bunimovich, said that in some families they only declare home education, but in fact they are not really engaged in it. It is reported by the Agency of urban news "Moscow". Bunimovich and his authorized colleagues […]

In St. Petersburg, offered to give free babysitters to families with twin and triple

Acting governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, during a meeting of the city government, proposed introducing in the region a new form of support for families in which twins or triplets were born. The head of the city said that such families want to provide babysitting services at the expense of the city. By the […]

As in a hotel: at the Novosibirsk school a buffet was offered to children

In the Novosibirsk gymnasium “Ermine”, children began to be fed according to the “buffet” system. So far this is a pilot project: it has touched only teachers and pupils of primary classes — naturally, with the consent of their parents. An error occurred during the download. “I have been studying the nutritional experience of schoolchildren […]

Russian schools will be offered anti-bullying program

© Wavebreak Media / Photobank Lori Russian schools will be offered to introduce in the educational process the anti-bulking program "Every important." The program is aimed at improving the skills of teachers and the prevention of aggressive behavior of students, reports TASS. Elena Pronicheva, Executive Director of the Federal Scientific and Methodological Center for Psychology […]

Kindergarten students are offered to deduct for absenteeism

Oksana Kuzmina / Photobank Lori According to the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Samara Region, Elena Pinskaya, kindergarten managers are increasingly turning to her department asking them to decide what to do with pupils who do not go to the group for a long time. We are talking about a situation where […]