The granddaughters of Vladimir Mashkov grow copies of the mother

The daughter of Vladimir Mashkova Maria brings up two daughters — Stephanie, who was 9 years old in June, and 7-year-old Alexander. The actress has published their new joint portrait, which caused a storm of emotions in her subscribers. View this post on Instagram Posted by Masha Mashkova (@masha_mashkova_official) May 22, 2019 at 8:34 am […]

90-year-old mother first met her 70-year-old daughter

An error occurred during the download. 70 years ago, a resident of the state of Louisiana Beth Pullen, when she was 20 years old, was forced to give up her newborn daughter for a number of reasons. Since then, she had seven more children: she did not tell that they have an older sister. But […]

Near Omsk, the mother tied his son to the post because of a truancy of lessons

The investigative committee opened a criminal case against an accountant from the village of Lyubinsky, Omsk Region, who severely punished her son for going to school. According to preliminary data, the 10-year-old child did not go to school and missed several lessons. In the evening he came home and confessed to his mother that he […]

Detained mother of the girl, who left her child at a clinic in the north of Moscow

Police officers detained the mother of a girl who left her child at a clinic located on Butyrskaya Street in Moscow. This was on May 17 TASS reported the head of the press service of the central board of the metropolitan police Yuri Titov. An error occurred during the download. “On the eve of the […]

Daughter of Leonid Parfenov touchingly congratulated her mother on her birthday

Leonid Parfenov’s 26-year-old daughter decided to share her joy with subscribers. Today, May 17th, her mom has a birthday. 26-year-old Maria Parfenova dedicated a touching greeting to a loved one in her personal blog and published cute family photos. View this post on Instagram Publication by Maria 🍪 Parfenova (@ ginger.minion) 17 May 2019 at […]

In Karaganda, the child was named after the Mother of Dragons

Emilia Clark as Daenerys Targaryen | Shot from the series "Game of Thrones" Little Deineris was born in the mining capital of April 26th. Parents decided to give her such an unusual name several years ago. Mother of the girl Rimma told: The husband began to watch the series "Game of Thrones", but I did […]

In St. Petersburg, a mother of many children will not be separated from children because of unsanitary conditions

A large St. Petersburg resident who, several days ago, was accused of keeping children in unsanitary conditions, was offered to move to a crisis center together temporarily. But the seizure of children is not a question, according to the press service of the ombudsman for children in St. Petersburg. After the public’s view, an apartment […]

Julia Baranovskaya wants to be a mother for the fourth time TV presenter Julia Baranovskaya gave an interview to the portal Letidor, in which she admitted that she would gladly have given birth to a fourth child: I would like to give birth to another child, but before that I marry a decent man, with whom I would definitely want to start a family and […]

The boy's mother with autism went to a single picket to protect her son's rights

In Omsk, a 13-year-old Artyom with autism was barred from visiting the pool with a regular group. According to the boy's mother, Zulfiya Vladimirova, the child was first allowed to go to a regular group and then began to survive from it. The classes not only liked the boy, but also gave great progress in […]

“Like sisters”: Mary Poroshin’s photos are discussed online with her daughter and mother

A photo appeared on the Internet in which Maria Poroshina was captured with her eldest daughter Polina and her mother, Natalia. View this post on Instagram Posted by Maria Poroshina (@mashaaporoshina) Apr 29, 2019 at 3:26 am PDT An error occurred during the download. Netizens unanimously decided that all women are very similar to each […]