Maxim Galkin showed how they and their daughter launch a toy plane

Maxim Galkin pleased fans with a new video with his daughter. The humorist spent his day off with Lisa in the courtyard of the castle. There, star dad and daughter tried to launch a toy plane, and all dad's attempts caused an infectious laugh to the girl. Then Lisa tried to send the plane into […]

Elizabeth Boyarskaya and Maxim Matveyev gently congratulated her son on the 7th anniversary

On April 7, the eldest son of Maxim Matveyev and Elizabeth Boyarskaya was seven years old. On the occasion of the birthday of Andrei, the star spouses published a family photo and addressed the boy with warm words. View this post on Instagram Posted by Elizabeth Boyarskaya (@lizavetabo) Apr 7, 2019 at 10:33 am PDT […]

Maxim Matveyev ride with a son on a skateboard

Maxim Matveyev and Elizabeth Boyarskaya for a long time tried not to show a common son in social networks. Recently, however, they decided to change this rule. For example, on the eve of the actor on his instagram page showed how, along with his son, he rode skateboards. View this post on Instagram Publication from […]

Maxim Galkin showed a creative breakfast for his children

Maxim Galkin showed on Instagram that Alla Pugacheva’s children eat for breakfast. "Breakfast. Strawberry sausage snowman and tea machine, ”commented the showman. @media (orientation: landscape) {                         .viqeo-vertical.viqeo-embed — d758880f93cd3fd1ca9d {                             padding-bottom: 75%;                         }                     }                     @media (orientation: portrait) {                         .viqeo-vertical.viqeo-embed — d758880f93cd3fd1ca9d {                             padding-bottom: 125%;                         }                     } “What kind of parents are good fellows, do not […]