Russian woman with HIV sued the guardianship, which forbade her to adopt a nephew

A resident of the Khanty-Mansiysk district was denied adoption of her nephew due to her positive HIV status. At the same time, a woman has been raising a boy for many years, since he has no other relatives. Her living conditions meet the standards for the child’s residence, she underwent the necessary psychological examination and […]

In Magnitogorsk, guardianship bodies did not want to give a newborn child to a woman with a disability

© Yevgeni Mainagashev / Photobank Lori Alen Antipina, a resident of Magnitogorsk, is trying to deprive her parental rights due to the fact that the girl has the 2nd group of disability, reports After giving birth, she and her daughter were transferred to the hospital for 10 days, since the girl had health problems. […]