The network is discussing a new photo of a little daughter of Igor Nikolaev.

Igor Nikolaev wished his subscribers good morning by publishing a tender photo with his daughter Veronika. View this post on Instagram Publication by Igor Nikolaev / Igor Nikolaev (@igor_nikolaev_music) 21 May 2019 at 9:12 PDT An error occurred during the download. Fans of the artist immediately began to argue who the 3-year-old girl looks more […]

Online discussing a resident of Novosibirsk, who leads a child on a leash

Residents of Novosibirsk recently observed a curious picture of the subway. A woman at the station "Student" led on the leash of a minor child. Witnesses filmed what was happening video and posted it on the network. An error occurred during the download. In social networks, it was recalled that in some countries, for example, […]

The government is discussing the possibility of issuing matkapitala for the first child

Oksana Kuzmina / Photobank Lori The Russian government is considering the possibility of issuing maternity capital at the birth of the first child. This was announced on Wednesday by Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova on the “60 minutes” program on Russia 1. “I will not hide: of course, such options are also being discussed,” she […]