Kerr with Bloom, Dakota with Sokolovsky and other couples who broke up immediately after the birth of children

8photographs 8photographs 8photographs Photo: Legion-media, REX /, See also: Star children who are raised by fathers Chief editor of the blog — Felix.

“My example and my teachers”: Rezo Gigineishvili touchingly congratulated the children on their birthday

Rezo Gigineishvili, despite parting with Nadezhda Mikhalkova, tries to see children as often as possible. On May 21, Nina and Ivan celebrated their birthdays (the daughter of the couple turned 8 years old, and her son — 6). The children of the actress and director were born on the same day with a difference of […]

Sergey Bezrukov showed fans a summer photo of children

Sergey Bezrukov has pleased subscribers with a new family frame. He published a photo of his children — 6-month-old son Stepan and 3-year-old daughter Maria. The company of children sunbathing on the grass was a dog named Polly. View this post on Instagram Publication from Sergey Bezrukov (@s_bezrukov) 22 May 2019 at 2:49 PDT An […]

Those who sat on maternity leave do not want many children The progressive reform introduced in Spain in 2007 led to this unexpected outcome: since this year, all Spanish fathers have the right to two weeks of paid leave to care for a child. By introducing this law, the Spanish authorities wanted to achieve greater gender equality in society, equalizing the rights of men and […]

The State Duma passed a law allowing people with HIV to adopt children

The State Duma, at a meeting on Tuesday, May 21, passed in the third, final, reading a government bill allowing people infected with the human immunodeficiency virus or the hepatitis C virus to adopt children already living with them by court decision. The document was developed pursuant to a resolution of the Constitutional Court of […]

In Russia, proposed to allow early retirement to lonely fathers of many children Senator Andrei Kutepov made a proposal to legislate the right of early retirement for men who raised three or more children without a mother. The official sent the corresponding initiative to the Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova on May 21. In the letter, the senator also noted that at present there is no such […]

Christina Orbakaite published an archival video with children

Nikita Presnyakovu May 21 is 28 years old. In honor of the remarkable date, his mother Christina Orbakaite posted an interesting video on the microblog, in which Nikita reads a book in English to her little sister, Claudia. In the video you can also see the average child of the singer — son Denis. View […]

Alla Pugacheva went on a river walk with children

Maxim Galkin posted a new video on instagram, in which his wife Alla Pugacheva and her children swim along the river in a boat. View this post on Instagram Publication from Maxim Galkin (@ maxgalkinru) May 20, 2019 at 9:18 PDT An error occurred during the download. I'm in Haifa — gig soon. I share […]

Belgian doctors urged to judge parents who teach children to vegan diet In a statement, members of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium have expressed the view that it is not unethical, but criminal, to restrict children from eating, depriving their animals of proteins and essential amino acids. Currently, according to experts, about 3% of children in Belgium are forced by their parents to a […]

An American from a family of anti-vaccines decided to vaccinate their children 30-year-old mother of two children Abby Clint lives in Erie, Pennsylvania. This state, as well as many more US states, has recently affected the measles epidemic. On April 30, she posted on Facebook a post stating that on this day her youngest seven-month-old daughter, Madeline, received her next vaccinations. In a post, Abby said […]