WHO made recommendations to improve the health of children under 5

The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed recommendations for physical activity for children under five years of age. In this age gap, children need to be less in a sitting position and play more, experts say. According to WHO recommendations, babies (up to one year old): must be physically active "the more the better" or […]

In Lipetsk, children were taken away from their mother, who left them and went to the maternity hospital

In Lipetsk, they found the mother of two young children found in an apartment with a drunk man. According to the press service of the children's ombudsman of the Lipetsk region, the neighbors called the police, who said that the mother was long gone, and the children were screaming and crying. The regional prosecutor's office […]

P. Diddy showed all his six children

The 49-year-old rapper P. Diddy (real name — Sean Combs) gave a photo shoot for the glossy magazine Essence, in which he starred with six children raised by him. The results of the shooting artist shared in instagrame. View this post on Instagram Publication by Diddy (@diddy) Apr 24, 2019 at 3:58 PDT An error […]

Jasmine showed how her children love the scene

Jasmine has published an emotional photo in the microblog, in which her children perform at the festival. Both the daughter and the son are happy to sing to the public. The actress explained that Miron took the microphone from her mother. View this post on Instagram Post by Jasmin (@jasmin) Apr 24, 2019 at 7:14 […]

One third of Russians allow the use of violence to raise children

© Larisa Kapustkina / Photobank Lori Every third Russian considers it possible to use harsh, violent methods of raising children, such as punishing a belt. Another 68% admit the use of "soft" forms of physical punishment, at least in rare, exceptional cases. Reports about it AGN "Moscow" according to the survey. Most respondents consider clouting […]

Children of migrants who do not want to be admitted to Russian schools created a cartoon

The project in its original form tells about the invention of telephone, radio, satellites and rockets — everything that helps people communicate through distances. For three months, the 18 wards of the Same Children Center from Africa, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, the employees of the Polytechnic Museum and a team of animators led by […]

As in a hotel: at the Novosibirsk school a buffet was offered to children

In the Novosibirsk gymnasium “Ermine”, children began to be fed according to the “buffet” system. So far this is a pilot project: it has touched only teachers and pupils of primary classes — naturally, with the consent of their parents. An error occurred during the download. “I have been studying the nutritional experience of schoolchildren […]

Vadim Galygin is preparing to become a father of many children

legion-media.ru 42-year-old Vadim Galygin will soon become a father for the third time. His wife Olga is on the last trimester of pregnancy. Spouses are waiting for a girl. The showman's wife did not hide her interesting position and shares photos in a swimsuit with instagram subscribers. View this post on Instagram Publication from Olya-la😜😻❤💋🎀 […]