New Zealand family suspects British princes of plagiarism

When Josephine (Joe) and Jack Staffords from Mosgiel town in the south of New Zealand found out that Prince Harry and Megan Markle decided to call their first child Archie, they were shocked by this news. The fact is that from now on all four Stafford children bear the names of the heirs to the […]

British pregnancy did not recognize the two tests

18-year-old Beth Martin from Blackpool is preparing to become a member of the British Border Guard. In 2018, she underwent an army and police training course on countering terrorists, which included 70 hours of intense physical activity per week. Beth is very tiny (her clothing size corresponds to the Russian 40th size), and the parameters […]

British minors will be forbidden to “like” posts in social networks

Syda Productions / Lori Photobank Persons under the age of 18 in the UK will be deprived of the opportunity to put "likes" to their favorite posts on Facebook and Instagram. This measure, as reported by The Times, on April 15, aims to protect children and teenagers from the detrimental influence of social networks. The […]

Pregnancy saved the British life

The 29-year-old Yasmin Randall underwent an ultrasound scan in the eighth week of pregnancy. The specialist confirmed that the fetus is developing normally, but has found a tumor in the bladder of the woman. If it were not for ultrasound, the tumor could go unnoticed. The unborn child saved the life of motherhttps: // […]

Media: British scientists have created a test that identifies the risk of complications in pregnant women

Syda Productions / Laurie Photobank British scientists have developed a special test that allows doctors to diagnose preeclampsia much faster, a pathological condition that can develop in women during the third trimester of pregnancy. This complication, as reported by The Daily Telegraph, is characterized by high blood pressure and can pose a serious threat to […]

British readers reacted to a flash mob of Russian teachers in swimsuits

In Britain, publications such as The Sun and The Daily Mail told readers about a flash mob that Russian teachers launched to support a colleague from Barnaul Tatyana Kuvshinnikova who was dismissed because of a photo in a bathing suit. View this post on Instagram Publication from KAVKAZ POST (@ March 26, 2019 at […]

British parents work with tutors to help children with homework

Yakov Filimonov / Photobank Lori A new trend has appeared among parents of schoolchildren in the UK: alarmed by the fact that they cannot sort out their children's homework and help them, moms and dads turn to private tutors. Adults pay for private lessons at £ 40 (about 3,400 rubles) per hour to understand what […]