Kerr with Bloom, Dakota with Sokolovsky and other couples who broke up immediately after the birth of children

8photographs 8photographs 8photographs Photo: Legion-media, REX /, See also: Star children who are raised by fathers Chief editor of the blog — Felix.

Scientists told how to give birth to an intelligent child.

Spanish scientists, whose article is published in the journal European Journal of Epidemiology, analyzed the diet of over 2,200 pregnant women. Expectant mothers in the first and third trimester of pregnancy told in detail about what they eat and in what quantities. The researchers compared these data with the results of testing their children at […]

Media: Alina Kabaeva gave birth to twins

Alina Kabaeva | In the Russian editions it was reported that the 36-year-old gymnast Alina Kabaeva first became a mother. As insiders told House 2 Life portal, the athlete gave birth to two boys. The portal reports that the birth took place on May 7 in Moscow, in the elite center of obstetrics and […]

Sasha Savelyeva returned to work a month after giving birth

17 pictures 17 pictures 17 pictures 35-year-old Sasha Savelyeva, who for the first time became a mother a little more than a month ago, went to work. The singer recorded a new composition with guitarist Mikhail Savichev, who published a picture with the artist in instagram. View this post on Instagram Publication from Miguelito Mikhail […]

Became known the details of the birth Megan Markle

22 pictures 22 pictures 22 pictures More photos of pregnant Megan Markl and Prince Harry look in the gallery. Markl expressed a desire to give birth at home, but because of the late term, the doctors found it too dangerous. It was believed that the duchess will be sent to the hospital in Frimley Park […]

The birth of a son instead of the third daughter was a surprise for parents

View this post on Instagram Post by Nancy Ray (@nancyray) Apr 29, 2019 at 7:05 am PDT An error occurred during the download. Residents of North Carolina Nancy and Will Ray were waiting for the third daughter to be born — in any case, when Nancy did an ultrasound for 18 weeks, the doctor saw […]

Chinese nanny and career since birth: Navka, Rudkovskaya and other stars, raising their children with unusual methods

See also: 30 things that can not be done for a child. Chief editor of the blog — Felix.

Due to a medical error, a woman gave birth to a child of a different race.

© Syda Productions / Photobank Lori The couple, who wished to remain anonymous, first went to the American state of Connecticut fertility treatment clinic in January 2015. Then the couple froze embryos — donor eggs, fertilized by the husband's sperm to use them in the future. In April 2016, the woman gave birth to her […]

Sasha Savelyeva told how to recover after giving birth

Recently, 35-year-old singer Sasha Savelyeva first became a mother. About a month after giving birth, the singer showed a slim figure in a tight-fitting dress. View this post on Instagram Posted by Sasha S (@sasha_savelieva) Apr 24, 2019 at 9:54 am PDT An error occurred during the download. Appearance Savelieva appreciated not only her followers, […]

Anastasia Tregubova — about the fourth birth: “The husband himself cut the umbilical cord”

Anastasia Tregubova, host of the Good Morning program, told how her fourth childbirth passed. View this post on Instagram Posted by Anastasia Tregubova (@atregubova) on Apr 22, 2019 at 11:06 am PDT An error occurred during the download. According to 34-year-old Anastasia, it was her easiest and fastest delivery, although in order for everything to […]