The State Duma passed a law allowing people with HIV to adopt children

The State Duma, at a meeting on Tuesday, May 21, passed in the third, final, reading a government bill allowing people infected with the human immunodeficiency virus or the hepatitis C virus to adopt children already living with them by court decision. The document was developed pursuant to a resolution of the Constitutional Court of […]

In Crimea, the family is not allowed to adopt a child, contrary to the mother’s death request

Despite the requests of deputies, as well as the Commissioner for Children's Rights of the Republic of Crimea, the boy remains in an orphanage. Could not pass by Valentina Tarasenko in the city is well known. She is an experienced teacher, she used to teach at school, and now she spends most of her time […]

Russian woman with HIV sued the guardianship, which forbade her to adopt a nephew

A resident of the Khanty-Mansiysk district was denied adoption of her nephew due to her positive HIV status. At the same time, a woman has been raising a boy for many years, since he has no other relatives. Her living conditions meet the standards for the child’s residence, she underwent the necessary psychological examination and […]