Milla Jovovich admitted that she had an abortion

Milla Jovovich | In America, changes in abortion legislation have begun: in Georgia, abortion is partially prohibited (abortion is not allowed after six weeks, when the fetal heartbeat is heard), and in Alabama they consider the possibility of completely banning abortion — unless it is a serious threat to the life of the mother […]

Children of migrants who do not want to be admitted to Russian schools created a cartoon

The project in its original form tells about the invention of telephone, radio, satellites and rockets — everything that helps people communicate through distances. For three months, the 18 wards of the Same Children Center from Africa, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, the employees of the Polytechnic Museum and a team of animators led by […]

The dismissal of the teacher for a photo in a swimsuit admitted a mistake

Barnaul teacher Tatyana Kuvshinnikova, who was forced to quit because of a photo in a bathing suit, was offered to return to work in a profession. The corresponding statement was made by the Minister of Education of the Altai Territory, Maxim Kostenko, reports NTV. The dismissal of the teacher for a photo in a bathing […]