The ban on abortion at all stages of pregnancy entered into force in Alabama A law prohibiting abortion at almost all stages of pregnancy, and even in cases of rape or incest, came into force on Wednesday in the US state of Alabama. The governor of this state, Kay Ivey, announced on the signing of the corresponding document on her twitter: Today I introduced the law “On the […]

Milla Jovovich admitted that she had an abortion

Milla Jovovich | In America, changes in abortion legislation have begun: in Georgia, abortion is partially prohibited (abortion is not allowed after six weeks, when the fetal heartbeat is heard), and in Alabama they consider the possibility of completely banning abortion — unless it is a serious threat to the life of the mother […]

Georgia Governor Signs Abortion Law

The governor of the US state of Georgia, Brian Kemp, signed a law prohibiting abortion, after the fetal heartbeat was heard, reports Fox News. Experts note that the fetal heartbeat can be heard at the fifth or sixth week of development, when women may not even be aware of their pregnancy. “Georgia is a state […]

South Korean court ruled abortion law unconstitutional

The Constitutional Court of South Korea declared the law banning abortions as unconstitutional. On this April 11, the agency "Renhap". The court called for an amendment to the law and to allow abortions at an early stage of pregnancy. It is necessary to revise the current law on abortion before the end of 2020. According […]