The baby was found abandoned in one of the houses of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg police are looking for the parents of a 7-month-old child left unattended. The boy was found on May 21 by local residents in one of the houses of Krasnoe Selo (a city in St. Petersburg). Grudnichka transferred to doctors. About his condition is not reported. Law enforcement officers have already established the boy's […]

Abandoned daughter in the clinic a woman was released without charge

The supervisory authority did not find any corpus delicti in its actions, a law enforcement source told Rudnitskaya was released from the hall of the Savelovsky court, where a hearing was held to elect a preventive measure to her. Earlier, a case was initiated against a woman under the items “Leaving in danger” and […]

Australian teenage girl is looking for abandoned her mom

14-year-old Jessica Boatwright was given for adoption when she was not yet a year old. Adoptive parents — Brad and Anna Boatwright — according to Jessica, “the best parents in the world.” But all these years, the girl knew that her native biological mother left her daughter in a Sydney hospital in 2005 when she […]

Siamese twins who abandoned separation as a child celebrated their 18th birthday

Siamese twins from the Indian state of Chhattisgarh said they did not regret the refusal of a surgical operation that could have separated them. Reports the edition about it the Daily Mail. World Famous Conjoined Twins Turns 18 Years! — Akahi News (@AkahiNews) April 5, 2019 An error occurred during the download. “Now […]

9-year-old child abandoned in apartment found in Moscow

A nine-year-old child left without food and livelihoods was found during a police raid on apartments of disadvantaged families in Moscow, the press service of the Moscow GUSSC of Russia said. According to police, the child’s mother left him for a long time without food or livelihood. Currently, the child is in one of the […]