At the hospital, nine nurses became pregnant at the same time.

In the US city of Portland, Maine, nine nurses of the hospital maternity ward immediately became pregnant. Reports the edition USA Today about it.

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The medical institution posted a photo on Facebook on which eight of nine pregnant women pose. Each holds a sheet of paper with the expected delivery date. Children will be born from April to July.

One of the pregnant nurses said:

It's very nice when you come to work and you see the same pregnant women, you look at how their bellies grow, and you just discuss the things that we all go through together.

Employees are also going to go to each other to give birth.

In the United States, mothers of newborns who work in organizations with 50 or more employees are given 12 weeks unpaid leave. The hospital, where pregnant nurses work, said it was already preparing for the simultaneous absence of such a number of employees.

In 2018, it was reported that 16 nurses in the same hospital announced pregnancy in the US state of Arizona. They argued that they did not conspire to become mothers at the same time.

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Hilary Duff showed a video of home birth

Hilary Duff, 31, shared a video that captured the first minutes of her daughter Banks' life. Note that the actress gave birth at home surrounded by her boyfriend, mother, sister and doctors.

Duff signed the video:

I didn’t know for a long time whether to show this video, because it’s very personal … The real reward for the effort was a wonderful and shocking moment, when immediately after our daughter came into the world we hugged her … For the first time … I believe that she tried to say: “Good work, mom! Keep up the good work. We did it. Together".

In the description of the video, the actress added that the whole family supported her at the time of delivery. Banks is now five months old.

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Publication from Hilary Duff (@hilaryduff) Mar 8, 2019 at 9:26 PST

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Recall about his second pregnancy star of the film "The History of Cinderella" reported in June 2018. The father of the child was the producer Matthew Coma, with whom the actress meets with 2017. Banks was born on October 25, 2018. Duff also brings up the 7-year-old son Luka from a previous marriage.

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The dismissal of the teacher for a photo in a swimsuit admitted a mistake

Barnaul teacher Tatyana Kuvshinnikova, who was forced to quit because of a photo in a bathing suit, was offered to return to work in a profession. The corresponding statement was made by the Minister of Education of the Altai Territory, Maxim Kostenko, reports NTV.

The dismissal of the teacher for a photo in a bathing suit was recognized as an error http: //

— (@lentaruofficial) March 25, 2019

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He stressed that schools need teachers who promote a healthy lifestyle. He invited Kuvshinnikova to a reception at the ministry and promised to offer her "decent jobs." Kostenko said that he did not see anything reprehensible in the photos published by the teacher. However, according to him, the contradictions between the generations "were, are and will be."

Earlier, he told RBC that after the first episode, his parents were dissatisfied because of the photos of the Kuvshinnikovoi conflict had been resolved, so the situation with dismissal seems strange to him.

At the same time, the teacher said that she no longer intends to work in the educational sphere. She explained that she plans to engage in art, because she has the appropriate education.

Tatyana Kuvshinnikova, a teacher of Russian language and literature, who has been engaged in winter swimming for many years and won numerous awards, wrote a letter of resignation twice after a scandal broke out around her photo in a closed bathing suit. The reason for this was the complaint of the mother of one of the students to the headmistress. Many parents supported the teacher, but the management still forced her to leave.

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"From the first fight to the attempts and birth": Arthur Smolyaninov himself took birth from his wife

Arthur Smolyaninov and actress Daria Melnikova raise two children: 3-year-old Arthur and the youngest son, born in December 2018. The spouses have not yet disclosed the boy’s name.

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Publication from vse_oK💆🏻‍♀️ (@vse_okkki) Feb 11, 2019 at 9:58 PST

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Some time ago, Smolyaninov made an unexpected admission on instagram. As it turned out, the actor himself took delivery of his wife:

I myself am from a large family, I now have two children, which I literally myself accepted, at home, having walked with their mom all the way from the first fight to exertions and birth.

Recall Daria and Arthur together since 2013. Despite having two sons, the actor admitted that he wanted more children.

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Oscar Kucera will be the father for the fifth time.

Oscar Kucera, 44, and his wife, Julia, are getting ready to become parents again. This was the wife of the actor, musician and TV presenter said in her instagram, having published a picture that shows that she is pregnant.

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Posted by Julia Kuchera (@juliakuchera) on Mar 24, 2019 at 11:12 PDT

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Yulia's subscribers began to congratulate her and her husband. “Congratulations, well done!”, “Oh, you are also waiting for the baby! Congratulations "," Such a pretty one! Congratulations on your Oscar! ”They wrote.

Note that Julia is Kuchera’s third wife, the couple entered into marriage in 2007. For an artist, the future child will be the fifth, and for his wife — the fourth.

Spouses bring up three common children: 13-year-old Alexander, 11-year-old Daniel, and 8-year-old Alisa. Oscar also has an older son, Alexander, from a second marriage with Maya Markova.

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The teenager suffered serious injuries after the explosion of an improvised explosive packet in Yalta

The teenager was seriously injured as a result of an explosion of an improvised explosive packet in Yalta. As the city’s mayor, Alexey Chelpanov, told TASS, his condition is assessed as grave:

A local teenager, born in 2003, made a homemade explosive from fireworks, he exploded in his hands. The guy's hand torn off, severe burns of the face. He is in hospital, a serious condition.

Crimean Interior Ministry officers check the circumstances of a teenager's injury in Yalta. According to operational services, the incident is of a domestic nature.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Health of Crimea, the victim was taken to the Livadia hospital.

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