Fasting pregnant with bipolar disorder delighted social networks

Anonymous user under the nickname Want2BeNormal shared her tragic story with other visitors of the Reddit Internet forum. According to The Daily Mail, a 29-year-old expectant mother said that she was suffering from bipolar disorder, and she would have to go to a psychiatric hospital right after giving birth. With the father of the child, they were ten years together, but recently broke up. “After parting, I have such a strong depression that I do not get out of bed for days. I don’t think I can raise my son alone in my current state, ”a woman writes.

“My greatest desire is for the baby to have two loving parents, a happy, normal home and a good, stable life,” explained Want2BeNormal, its difficult decision to give her son to a foster family. The girl asked the users of the advice if she should write a letter to her unborn child in which she would explain her decision to him.

Visitors to the forum supported the intention of the future mother to explain everything to her son in a letter, calling this idea excellent, and her decision self-denying.

“As a foster child who received a wonderful life as a result, I nevertheless understand that I would like to receive such a letter that would simply explain why this is so. Maybe there would have been some medical diagnoses, so that I understand what I inherited, ”writes one of the users. — I am so proud of you — that you realize that you will not be able to give the child what he needs and grow it alone. I can imagine how difficult this decision was. ”

“As a mother of two adopted daughters, I think that the letter you are writing about would be very useful for them. I hope that it will also come in handy for your child, ”writes another user. And another commentator simply wrote: “Yes. Write a letter. He will have a lot of questions, and a letter will help him. ”

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The head of the UK: the cause of a student attack on a college in Kerch became persecution

A fourth-year college student in Kerch, Vladislav Roslyakov, could have attacked an educational institution because of the humiliation of fellow students. The reason was that the young man and those with whom he studied had a difference in property status, said the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin during a lecture, the video of which was published in VKontakte.

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The head of the Investigation Committee explained that now it is important for young people to walk in American jeans, and not in fakes. The student had no money for clothes of original brands, he had to buy things on the market, because of which the guy was humiliated all the time. As a result, Roslyakov found an option — “I looked on the Internet, as in the American reality it happened,” says Bastrykin.

The attack of Vladislav Roslyakov on the college in Kerch, in which he studied, occurred on October 17, 2018. The student blew a homemade bomb in the cafeteria, shot students and teachers, and then committed suicide. As a result of the tragedy, 21 people died, about 50 were injured.

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The future husband and wife were born on the same day in the same hospital.

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Shauna Gracie and Tom Maguire were born on December 22, 1992 in a hospital in Manchester (United Kingdom) at intervals of several hours and a few meters from each other. Shauna was born 13 weeks early, and Tom was a full-term baby. Both families lived close to each other, in the same suburb of Manchester, and Shona and Tom spent their childhood together, they even went to the same school, but did not know each other, writes The Daily Mail.

They first met at Christmas 2010, when both were 18 years old, and they celebrated their birthdays. A couple introduced their mutual friend. At the same time, Shona was wearing Minnie Mouse costume and Tom was wearing a ninja costume. According to Tom, he immediately fell in love with Sean, but she did not respond to him in return.

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Shauna claims that at that time she didn’t even see Tom’s face because of his costume. However, Tom was persistent, and the next spring they began to meet.

Only then did the young people realize that they did not have only one birthday for two — they were even born in the same place and almost at the same time, therefore there is a special connection between them.

Shauna and Tom have been together for eight years, and their wedding will be held on May 4, 2019. Tom made an offer to Shona during their romantic trip to Rome in October 2016. According to Shona, he and Tom love to tell strangers that they were born on the same day in the same place and watch their reaction.

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Nicole Kidman spoke about the strict upbringing of their daughters

In an interview with Vanity Fair, 51-year-old Kidman talked about how she and her husband, singer Keith Urban, are raising their two daughters, 10-year-old Sunday Rose and 8-year-old Faith Margaret.

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Posted by Closer Weekly (@closerweekly) Apr 23, 2019 at 1:29 PDT

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According to the actress, the girls do not have smartphones, and she and her husband do not allow them to start Instagram accounts. “I'm trying to impose some restrictions on their lives,” Kidman explained, suggesting with irony that such parenting methods can make it unpopular.

In addition, the actress is trying to introduce daughters to religion, for which, according to her, many friends make fun of her. Thus, the whole family regularly goes to church. “China has his own beliefs on this subject, but he also goes with us. I had a very Catholic grandmother, I grew up in this, and religion has had and has a huge impact on my life, ”Nicole explained.

She and her husband are very loyal parents, and they try to take their daughters with them when they go on tour, on tour, for shooting. If for some reason this is not possible, Kidman flies home to the children even during intense shootings.

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Posted by Nicole Kidman (@nicolekidmanfan) Apr 8, 2019 at 7:24 am PDT

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Sunday and Faith are very musical, the eldest plays the piano, and the youngest plays the violin. But Nicole and Keith do not put pressure on girls to follow in their footsteps.

“You need to understand that you cannot force children to be what you would like. You can slightly push them in one direction or another, but the whole thing is intrinsic motivation. Nobody motivated me to be an actress, on the contrary, they tried to keep me from such a fate, ”Nicole said.

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In Saratov, the family sued compensation for replacing the child in the maternity hospital

In Saratov, the family sued compensation for replacing the child in the hospital. According to RIA Novosti on April 24, the daughter of a Saratov woman, Irina Byakova, was replaced 29 years ago. The story of the Saratov family was shown in one of the March editions of the TV program “DNA” (published on the NTV channel).

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Irina Byakova suggested that her daughter Marina Kovalenko is not her biological child. A DNA test conducted as part of the transfer confirmed the woman’s concerns. She appealed to the court, which, in the end, ruled in her favor.

According to the press service of the Frunzensky District Court of Saratov, compensation for moral damage was collected from the Russian Federation represented by the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Finance was also charged with a forensic examination.

"The defendants in the civil suit were Fedorovsk District Hospital of the Saratov Region, the Regional Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation," the court specified.

This decision has not yet entered into force and can be appealed. The amount of claims and the amount of compensation were not disclosed.

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A boy with a toy spatula "repaired" the road in Omsk

The Omsk schoolboy struck the locals with his concern for the improvement of the city. In the city road administration they noted that in the future they will be happy to see the young road builder in their ranks. A video of how a child with a baby shovel sleeps a road pit, was distributed in Omsk media. The record was published in the group "Emergency Omsk".

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In the video you can see how the boy rakes in a spade on the ground and rubble at the curb and, passing cars, falls asleep in a hole on the roadway. The impressed video author even shook the little road builder.

In Omsk Department of Road Management and Improvement, they also watched a video. The comment of the management press service cites the publication “New Omsk”:

The young road builder would like to express his gratitude for such an indifferent attitude to urban issues. In 10–15 years we will be happy to see in our ranks such a real person and an active citizen.

The road workers explained that the filmed area in the area of ​​Marx Avenue between houses 34 and 36 was under their maintenance and maintenance, and about two weeks ago they carried out emergency repair of potholes with crushed stone, brick scrap and granulate. In the near future it is planned to repair potholes with asphalt concrete mix.

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Polina Gagarina boasted her son's success in music school

The son of Polina Gagarina has been studying piano at a music school for several years, learning the basics of musical notation and studying music history. The singer on the eve boasted that her son had passed the exam at a music school.

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Posted by Polina Gagarina (@ gagara1987) 22 Apr 2019 at 10:04 PDT

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I passed the specialty on 5! Now you can relax! Guys, we flew away!
Polina Gagarina

Note that the word "specialty" in a music school is usually called an exam on playing an instrument that a student masters. So, Andrey, it was probably necessary to play one or two pieces of music on the piano before the commission. “What a clever Andrew! Successes in all undertakings! ”,“ Well done son! ”,“ Handsome man! All in mother! The blood is not water! ”,“ Congratulations to Andryusha, good girl! ”- the singer’s subscribers responded in comments.

By the way, Andrei has already managed to demonstrate his ability to play the piano in front of thousands of people. So, recently Polina Gagarina gave a big solo concert at the arena of the Megasport Sports Palace in Moscow. During the performance of one of the compositions, Andrei came on stage with his mother. He accompanied the star on the piano.

Recall Polina and her husband Dmitry Iskhakov have two children: 11-year-old Andrei, son Gagarina from his first marriage with actor Peter Kislov, and Miyu, who the singer gave birth in April 2017. Neither Gagarin, nor her husband do not show the face of the daughter in social networks. But with Andrei, the artist previously shot for the cover of the magazine.

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“Copy mom!”: Daria Moroz showed her grown-up daughter

Daria Moroz is one of the most sought-after actresses today, so her schedule is very rich: shootings, performances, tours. But Daria tries to devote all her free time to her daughter, 8-year-old Anna.

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Posted by d_moroz (@d_moroz) Apr 19, 2019 at 4:40 PDT

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Recently, they flew together to relax in Europe, visited Budapest and Berlin. And now they will again be separated: Moroz is participating in a new project.

Received a mother for the day at the complete disposal .. And again now wait until the end of the project.
Daria Moroz

A joint picture of mom and daughter caused a flurry of enthusiasm among fans. The photo shows how Anya looks like Daria.

“Twin sisters! As two drops of water! Daughter is your copy! How similar, amazing! ”- the comments were left under the post of the actress on the social network by her subscribers.

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Posted by d_moroz (@d_moroz) Jan 27, 2019 at 4:59 am PST

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Despite the fact that Daria Moroz and director Konstantin Bogomolov have already diverged, they continue to bring up a common daughter together. Former spouses have maintained excellent relations. Bogomolov and Frost were married for 8 years and divorced in 2018.

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Completely cure allergies — is impossible. But how to survive on five products

— For 5 months, we went around 7 pediatricians, a dermatologist, a gastroenterologist, a virologist. Loss tons of tests, unsuccessfully "treated" for dysbiosis, lactase deficiency, atopic dermatitis, pyoderma, staphylococcus — this story can often be heard from the mother of a little allergic.

Finding out how to help a little person with such features is not easy. Parents, disoriented by a huge amount of conflicting information, seek support and reliable information, but often remain one-on-one with their problem, they miss time, and it does not bring health benefits.

Therefore, if you think that superheroes are only in the movies or in the pictures, then you are mistaken, they are among us.

Allergy sufferers really have superpowers, and here are just a few of them:

They know how to survive on 5 products.
They do wet cleaning at home 4 times a day.
They can not always go to the garden and work, but must spend a year at the seaside.
They sit at home for months with the windows closed.

That is why parental and patient schools, which are practically absent in Russia, are so important. In many countries, it is in such communities that one can get reliable information on one’s illness, support and attention.

— Together with the eldest son, we went around dozens of doctors in an attempt to understand how to help the child, but nothing helped. Over the six months, we visited a total of more than 20 doctors, receiving 20 different diagnoses and appointments, ”says Daria Nashchekina, co-founder of the Allergomama patient community @allergomoms. — But a good doctor carefully unravels each case like a tangle, because every little allergic person has his own individual history.

Allergy Immunity — How Poorly Trained Dog

— Is allergy a superpower or a mechanism “conceived” by nature? Why does one child react to a product and the other does not?

— Allergy is a protective mechanism of the body against the aggressive effects of the environment. Why is one child allergic to the most banal thing, and the other is not?

Without a doubt, our potential allergic sensitivity is a consequence of genetic predisposition. It can be assumed that a child whose one parent is allergic may be prone to allergies in 40-70% of cases, if both parents are allergic, the prognosis may be about 80-85%. But predisposition to allergic reactions in general is inherited, and not an allergy to a particular product or, for example, pollen.

There is also a hygienic theory: if a child is grown clean, sterile, parents wipe with antiseptic solutions every millimeter of everything a child can come in contact with, his immune system cannot resist something external, the power of immunity is transferred to internal factors.

It turns out that before we were surrounded by our lovely, trained bacteria, to which we are accustomed throughout the evolutionary path, and now we have come up with tools that kill the actually tamed flora, to which people have already adapted quite well. This place is occupied by various unexplored "monsters" with whom we have never met.

There is also an opinion that all people are more or less susceptible to allergies, but not everyone has met their allergen. And indeed, many people, as more and more new substances are invented, which they have never encountered before, can react to them.

Triggers for the development of allergies — this is a sharp deterioration in the environment, the uncontrolled use of medicines, antibiotics.

Breastmilk is being used less and less for feeding babies. And more and more often in children we encounter reactions to cow's milk protein due to the fact that it is used in milk formulas at the age when the child could not yet naturally receive this protein. Sensitization occurs even in the early stages in the maternity hospital, when the nurses out of kindness tell young mothers that “the child is hungry, he is not fed”. So there is a risk of reaction to cow's milk protein, which is in the mixture, or to milk protein in the diet of the nursing mother.

Medicine comes up with new drugs, substances, methods designed to save patients. But these are two sides of the same coin.

— There is an opinion that allergy sufferers are children with stronger immunity. And sometimes they say that their immunity works "incorrectly." How really?

— Allergy immunity can be compared to a poorly trained dog: there is a clever dog that sits with its clever eyes, looks at its owner and fulfills all of its commands. And the other is exactly the same dog — quite flighty, biting everyone, including the owners. None of the dogs is stronger: simply the aggression of the second dog for various reasons is directed in the wrong direction.

Of course, in allergy sufferers immunity is not worse than in children who are not prone to allergic effects, immunity, in principle, cannot be assessed in this way.

— Is it possible to prevent the development of allergy at the planning stage, pregnancy or a newly born child?

— We are not omnipotent. In utero, the child is firmly protected, "hidden" from many substances that could theoretically cause an anaphylactic reaction in the mother herself — nature is mudra. There are cases when future mothers, while in intensive care, received a lot of serious drugs, but there was no intoxication in children in utero. Therefore, limiting yourself in harmless products makes no sense, of course.

On the contrary, it is better to adapt the child to new products for him through a varied healthy diet of a nursing mother, because this is how the process is conceived by nature itself. Regional peculiarities of nutrition and the preferences of the family itself, in which a new person appeared, are also important.

But if we know that, for example, the mother is allergic, and her older brother or sister has an allergy, then, of course, the approach to the introduction of complementary foods and the selection of mixtures for such a child should take this into account.

In the case when it is really necessary, you should choose a mixture with hydrolyzed milk protein. With the introduction of cow and goat milk with the introduction of complementary foods you need to be careful, because most often all the whole-animal dairy products react in a coupling. So we are preparing for the possible manifestations of allergy in a child.

"Diet without red" and other myths about allergies

— Allergy is sometimes called a disease of our time. Do allergic children become more?

— We ourselves have now become more alert to allergic diseases and are paying them more comprehensive attention: both doctors and parents. It used to be that a child simply “outgrow” an allergy to, for example, cow's milk.

Now we pay more attention to other manifestations: gastrointestinal, respiratory and others. We know more, improved diagnostic capabilities. We observe how the child grows further, what conditions he experiences, and we understand that many uncharacteristic symptoms may be manifestations, another “mask” of intolerance to the product. Gastroreflux disease, constipation, and even joint pain can sometimes be viewed from this angle.

“Different okolomeditsinsky sources often write about the connection between neurology, the gastrointestinal tract, the microbiome and allergies: allegedly the gastrointestinal tract is our“ second brain ”and it is the cause of all diseases. Is it so?

— Our “residents” are, of course, involved in all the processes in which we ourselves participate. From what point of view do we look at the human body? If we are anthropocentric, then we assume that the brain dominates, which controls all processes, including the microbiota.

If we believe that a person is created to feed the population of the gastrointestinal tract, then, accordingly, they control our actions. Although the relationship, of course, is present. And we can say that enzymes and hormone-like substances that are produced in the intestines, including with the participation of our microbiota, indirectly affect the brain.

It is impossible to safely assert that this influence prevails. Although there are many conditions, such as diabetes, when certain levels of insulin force a person to perform completely thoughtless actions, so everything in the human body is certainly interconnected. We can not say that we can do without something.

Of course, if the intestinal wall is irritated and the person is allergic, then the composition of its flora is changing for the worse, as is the production of many hormone-like substances. But if everything was so simple — a man would have won in one fell swoop all diseases.

Many misconceptions about medical theories are very dangerous: directly, only through, for example, prosaic methods of detoxification and general fashionable “healing” diets, it is impossible to influence a delicate and complex, but very fragile children's organism: it is much more sensible and more complex.

It is impossible to absorb dietary supplements in the hope that they will get stuck together if the intestines cannot absorb them for more systemic reasons.

— There are many myths around the topic of allergy: “diets without red”, “dysbacteriosis” — can this knowledge help an allergic person to be cured? And is it even possible to cure allergies?

— Myths and legends have always been close to medicine. In fact, the reason is not in color, but in the product itself and in which protein it contains, whether the product is a provocateur of allergic reactions or not. Individual intolerance to any product may be, but it is not necessary that every child will have it.

Dysbacteriosis — just a distant consequence of many conditions, including irritated intestinal walls, is absolutely impossible, eating a huge amount of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, to solve this problem, the reason is always more difficult. There are products that are not perceived by the body, and those that are "under the distribution", reinforce the reaction of the first.

The task of the doctor is to identify significant allergens, then it is likely that some foods can later be included in the diet again.

It is impossible to completely cure allergies, although it is often said that during periods of hormonal alterations, the allergy itself transforms and becomes less pronounced. Nevertheless, this state is for life, it is important to understand how it will look under other “masks” during life. With allergies, you can learn to live quite comfortably. This is the general task of the doctor and the patient — improving the quality of life of each child!

Our parent school “Smart Mom” @ deti.ckb brings together professional and patient audiences, conveys honest and high-quality information to parents. In partnership with the Allergomama patient community, we hold free meetings for parents with the best doctors.

Daria Nashchekina

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