Woman sacrificed a kidney to a man who saved her daughter's life

When the youngest daughter of an American from Minnesota, Betty Bundy, suddenly had an epileptic seizure in 2016, she called for rescuers. Bill Cox was the first to respond to a call for help, while he was a volunteer at the local fire brigade. He arrived at the call and helped the girl, and then waited for the ambulance to arrive. It would seem that on this note the story should have ended happily, but this was only its beginning.

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Two years after the incident, Betty accidentally met Bill at a bar not far from the house where her family lived. He rubbed the bar counter in a bright green T-shirt, which read: “I have the last stage of kidney failure. I need a kidney transplant. ”

Betty and Bill talked, and after a while the conversation naturally affected the man's illness. It turned out that he was born with one kidney, which gradually refused, and with each passing month the man became more and more desperate to see the happy ending of this story. Several friends who knew Bill all his life were ready to donate one of their kidneys to him, but the doctors rejected all the nominations.

Betty sympathized with an old friend and asked if she could help with anything. Word by word, it turned out that a woman has the same group and Rh factor as Bill, and if she wishes she can give him a chance for a long life. Betty passed all the necessary tests and it turned out that she was the perfect donor for Bill.

Doctors noted that it is a real fortune to find a person (not a relative!) Who will be fully compatible with you, and to receive consent from him for a transplant. Hundreds of thousands of people stand in line for donor organs, and, unfortunately, not all are waiting.

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Betty's family

In February 2019, Dr. Raja Kandaswami, director of the Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation Program at the University of Minnesota, underwent an operation for Bill, and now the man has returned to full-fledged life. He again became a volunteer of the fire department, and also engaged in what he had dreamed of for many years — wood carving. The first figure that Bill cut out was an angel. The man presented him to his rescuer as a sign of gratitude for the fact that she gave him the opportunity to live.

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Fans believe that the daughter of Emmanuel Vitorgan grows a copy of his older brother

Emmanuel Vitorgan has posted a new snapshot of his grown-up daughter on Instagram. Fans emotionally reacted to the family frame with one-year-old Ethel.




According to the majority, the girl looks like not so much her father as her older brother, Maxim Vitorgan.

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Publication by Emmanuel Vitorgan (@emmanuil_vitorgan) May 19, 2019 at 2:07 am PDT

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“Daughter’s very grown-up look!”, “Dolly”, “Very much like a brother”, “How similar it is to an older brother!”, “How similar”, “Dolly. Health and happiness baby. Very much like Maxim! ”,“ What a happy dad, ”admirers of the network.

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Publication from Maxim Vitorgan (@mvitorgan) March 1, 2019 at 12:14 PST

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Maxim Vitorgan

Vitorgan and his wife Irina Mlodik became parents in early 2018. According to a close friend of the family of a famous actor, the couple used the IVF method. But they didn’t resort to the services of a surrogate mother: Irina endured and bore a child by herself. Shortly after the birth of Ethel Mlodik said she was ready to decide on another child.

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Christina Orbakaite published an archival video with children

Nikita Presnyakovu May 21 is 28 years old. In honor of the remarkable date, his mother Christina Orbakaite posted an interesting video on the microblog, in which Nikita reads a book in English to her little sister, Claudia. In the video you can also see the average child of the singer — son Denis.

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Publication from KRISTINA ORBAKAITE (@orbakaite_k) 20 May 2019 at 10:01 PDT

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I love this 2014 video! Nikusik, my beloved, golden-sunny, talented and stubborn son, happy birthday! Thank you, thanks to you, I learned this happiness — to be a mom! You always go your way, and it's great! Believe in yourself!
Christina Orbakaite

Recall Nikita — the son of Christina from relations with Vladimir Presnyakov. The second son, Denis, who is now 21, was born when the singer met with businessman Ruslan Baysarov, and Klavdiya was the daughter of Orbakaite and businessman Mikhail Zemtsov, with whom Christina was married for 13 years. The girl is 7 years old.

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Anastasia Kostenko criticized for retouching pictures of daughter

In honor of 10 months since the birth of the daughter, the footballer’s wife, Dmitry Tarasova, Anastasia Kostenko, has published a new joint portrait with little Milana.

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Publication from ANASTASIA TARASOVA (@ kostenko.94) 10 May 2019 at 1:51 PDT

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By tradition, netizens began to argue over whom the child of Dmitry Tarasov and his wife looked more like: “She is very beautiful and looks like both of you”, “How she looks like her father! And she will be like her mother when Miss Russia grows up and becomes, ”“ Beautiful children are born from great love! ”,“ Your daughter looks like your mother-in-law … Direct copy … ”

Meanwhile, there were also those who accused Anastasia of abusing photoshop in the pictures of the child. “Does this photo so distort or is the baby’s face much wider than Mom’s?”, “Picture or photo?”, “It’s like the child’s lips are painted and folded, or maybe because of the filters,” the subscribers are perplexed.

Recall Tarasov and Kostenko became parents in July 2018. They called their daughter Milana. For the model, this is the first child, and the football player already has the eldest daughter from his first marriage.

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In Germany, parents accidentally forgot a newborn in a taxi


The incident occurred in Hamburg on May 20, reports nypost.com. A family with a one-year-old child and a newborn went to a taxi home from the hospital. When the taxi drove up to the house, the parents took out the older child from the child seat, paid off and said goodbye to the taxi driver, and he left. At that moment, dad and mom who remained on the sidewalk realized with horror that in the turmoil they forgot in the taxi the main hero of the occasion, who continued to sleep peacefully in the child car seat in the backseat.

Dad tried to catch a taxi in a panic, but without success. Meanwhile, the taxi driver, unaware of anything, arrived at the underground garage and went for a snack. Then he came back and went on call to pick up the next passenger from the airport. At the same time, the newborn continued to sleep without giving out his presence.

Parents went to the police. They did not remember the taxi numbers, and for the time being the police unsuccessfully "wool" all the city taxi services.

A tiny passenger told an amazed taxi driver about his existence only when he got to the airport. The driver immediately called the police. The arriving doctors examined the baby and made sure that the unexpected journey did not hurt him in any way — he was simply hungry. After that, the police handed the baby to the stressful, grateful parents.

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90-year-old mother first met her 70-year-old daughter

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70 years ago, a resident of the state of Louisiana Beth Pullen, when she was 20 years old, was forced to give up her newborn daughter for a number of reasons. Since then, she had seven more children: she did not tell that they have an older sister. But all these years, Beth did not forget about her first daughter and dreamed of finding her.

And the dream of 90-year-old Beth came true.

Some time ago, one of her granddaughters, 36-year-old Wanda Gayle, decided to send a sample of her DNA to a company looking for relatives.

The results showed that Wanda's closest relative among those who used this service is a certain 70-year-old woman named Lynn Ray, who lives in the state of North Carolina. When Wanda entered the profile of the stranger, it was written there that Lynn was an adopted child, and had never met blood relatives.

“Then I thought:“ Who is this woman? ”,” Wanda told TODAY.com in an interview. She began to "dig" and came to the conclusion that Lynn is her own aunt, the daughter of her grandmother. Wanda told Beth everything, and when she learned Lynn's date of birth, she had no doubt that her eldest daughter was finally found.

"For the first time in all these years, my mother looked so peaceful," recalls one of the daughters of Beth, 57-year-old Catherine. “Who would have thought that this magic letter would finally free me from this burden?” Said Beth, referring to the e-mail with the results of the DNA analysis received by her granddaughter.

Beth called Lynn on the phone. According to Lynn, the first thing she said to her was: "I am your mother, you are my daughter, and I love you." “When you hear this, all fears go away because the expectation that your blood family will reject you is very scary,” says Lynn, who, like Beth, has been trying unsuccessfully to find her mother for all these years.

After the exchange of calls between mother and daughter, Wanda, who works as a wedding photographer, decided to arrange their first meeting and take a series of photos. Both Beth and Lynn really liked this idea. The meeting took place on May 6th. Wanda arranged so that the mother and daughter did not first look at each other, stand with their backs to each other, and then turn around and meet for the first time.

"I so wanted to turn around and rush to her," recalls Beth.

A series of photos taken by Wanda captured this touching moment. Both women, glowing with happiness, turn and freeze in each other's arms. It turned out that Beth and Lynn are very similar to each other, only Lynn is taller. “Turning around and seeing someone who looks almost like you, is an incredible feeling,” says Lynn. — I just felt a comprehensive love. Nothing compares to this. ”

"I looked into her face and knew that it was my baby," — echoes her Beth. Mom and daughter are now planning to spend a lot of time together.

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Alla Pugacheva went on a river walk with children

Maxim Galkin posted a new video on instagram, in which his wife Alla Pugacheva and her children swim along the river in a boat.

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Publication from Maxim Galkin (@ maxgalkinru) May 20, 2019 at 9:18 PDT

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I'm in Haifa — gig soon. I share with you a video greeting from home. Alla arranged a trip along the river for children yesterday. They are happy.
Maksim Galkin

5-year-old Lisa and Harry grow up very curious. During a river walk, Harry helps row, and Lisa asks a lot of questions about the world around her. By the way, Pugacheva herself added a cheerful mood, who began to sing, cheering on the rowers.

“A wise mother is happy children! Cool how "," Lovely people, how many positive "," What are you cool! How nice to look at you! "," So cute, beautiful and picturesque! "," Walk — what we need, "" What are you great! And Garik is rowing in an adult way, admiring you, ”fans of the star family write in the comments, noting how the twins are growing rapidly.

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Publication by Maxim Galkin (@ maxgalkinru) Apr 21, 2019 at 7:42 am PDT

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Recall that Lisa and Harry were born in 2013. The children for Galkin and Pugacheva were carried out by a surrogate mother. Twins are actively involved in sports, participate in fashion shows and amaze fans of the star family with their artistry.

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Young gentleman: the youngest son of Yulia Baranovskoy graduated from kindergarten

The youngest son of Julia Baranovskaya will soon go to the first grade. In honor of the graduation of a kindergarten boy, the leader published a joint photo with Arseny.

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Publication from Yulia Baranovskaya (@baranovskaya_tv) 20 May 2019 at 3:23 PDT

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Baranovskaya visited the graduation of her son and was very touched, accompanying the frame with crying emoticons.

Fans left Arseny many pleasant wishes and compliments. “I congratulate you, a new step in adult life”, “The baby has become quite an adult! Mother's joy and pride! "," Congratulations! It will be more fun at school ”,“ Arseny is a real gentleman ”,“ Oh, where time flies! Only went pregnant, already graduation in the garden. I congratulate you! There are a lot of interesting things ahead, ”the star is encouraged in the comments.

Recall that Baranovskaya brings up three children (sons Artem and Arseny, as well as daughter Jan) from football player Andrei Arshavin, they have been in a relationship for about nine years. The athlete left Julia when she was pregnant with their third child. In 2016, Arshavin married a journalist Alice Kazmina, in marriage with whom in 2017 the footballer's daughter Yesen was born. In early 2019, it was reported that the athlete had stopped communicating with their common daughter.

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Abandoned daughter in the clinic a woman was released without charge

The supervisory authority did not find any corpus delicti in its actions, a law enforcement source told Lente.ru. Rudnitskaya was released from the hall of the Savelovsky court, where a hearing was held to elect a preventive measure to her. Earlier, a case was initiated against a woman under the items “Leaving in danger” and “Failure to fulfill the responsibilities of raising a child”.

Now the girl is in the hospital to monitor the guardianship. Grandma collects documents to pick her up. Also, 40 more families from all over Russia apply for the child.

Maria Rudnitskaya was detained on Saturday, May 18th. During the interrogation, she said that she could not cope with her parental duties.

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The grandmother of the baby said that after the birth of her daughter Rudnitskaya believed that her life was over. She began to repeat this more often when she had a young man. According to the investigation, the mother and her roommate decided that the child would disturb them.

The two-year-old girl, who does not speak Russian, was found by the doctors of the children's polyclinic No. 15 in the north of Moscow. She was sitting on a bench in the corridor of the medical facility. Her grandmothers turned to the police when they saw her granddaughter's photos in social networks and the media.

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In Crimea, the family is not allowed to adopt a child, contrary to the mother’s death request

Despite the requests of deputies, as well as the Commissioner for Children's Rights of the Republic of Crimea, the boy remains in an orphanage.

Could not pass by

Valentina Tarasenko in the city is well known. She is an experienced teacher, she used to teach at school, and now she spends most of her time volunteering. Tarasenko is the coordinator in the charity fund at the diocese, in addition, it helps mothers to restore parental rights and even participates with them in court hearings. Together with her husband she brings up five native children and two more adoptive.

The first boy's wife Tarasenko took custody back in 2012. At that time, Valentina nursed children in the hospital, having organized the post of nannies. There she drew attention to a newborn with serious illnesses and could not pass by. Four years later, another seriously ill child appeared in the family, which other adoptive parents refused because he needed special treatment.

Elena Chernenko and Valentina Tarasenko | RIA Novosti / From the personal archive of Valentina Tarasenko

About Elena Chernenko (last name changed. — Approx. Ed.) Valentina found out by chance: I saw a call for help from a single mom in social networks — I had to take the child from the orphanage. The child was there while the mother was undergoing chemotherapy. Ward was ready to give the baby only in good conditions. The boy's father did not help and was not even inscribed on the birth certificate. Elena did not have a Russian passport — only an invalid Ukrainian one. Therefore, volunteers collected money and all the necessary things for her.

I just had a stroller, a cot, and something else of the little things. I offered to immerse everything in the car and take it to the house that Lena found for living. We arrived in the remote village of Steel. The house is dilapidated, but inside it is clean and tidy: jars stand for pickling, dinner in a saucepan, ironed bedding.
Valentina Tarasenko

“Very thin, nicely dressed and completely bald young woman came out to us, thanked for a long time. We were stunned: she has cancer of the lymphatic system in the third stage, there is nothing in the village, and she is going to live here. With her courage she struck us outright, ”recalls Valentina.

According to her, Chernenko wanted to buy the house to live with the child. The hostess asked for housing 120 thousand rubles, but when she learned that Lena was being helped, she raised the cost to 400 thousand. The volunteers did not have such money, the owner demanded to leave the premises. Elena found a house in a nearby village for rent four thousand a month. “She had already brought things there, and the hostess at the last moment refused to populate the sick Lena. My heart did not allow me to throw her alone on the street, so I decided to take her to Simferopol, ”says Tarasenko.

The family did not take

Valentina found out about the biography of a young mother: until she was 16 she lived in a boarding school for mentally retarded children in Kiev, because she stuttered a lot. The apartment in which he was registered, the father passed, and he lived with another family. Although part of the property belonged to the girl, she was not taken home.

“So Lena left for Crimea and ended up in Dzhankoy. I met a man, he took her to live with him. A son was born. The mother-in-law hoped that Lena would do everything around the house. A weak girl due to illness constantly lay. As a result, she drove her away, ”the interlocutor describes the situation.

In the autumn of 2018, volunteers helped Chernenko to issue a Russian passport, and Lena took the child from the orphanage. Despite the treatment, the health of the young mother worsened every day. In November, in desperation, she asked Valentine if she could take her son after her death.

“This is not to say that this decision was made from the bay. For us, this is a serious step, we consulted with my husband. Lena wanted her son to be raised independently, so that he would go to circles, sections, so that he would grow up in love. His father was not at all interested in the life of the child. However, Lena punished: if he suddenly wants to communicate with him, do not interfere, ”explains Tarasenko. And he adds: she also became a baby godmother.

"Find a good mother"

Elena went to the reception in the department of children's affairs in Simferopol on February 14, announced her desire to transfer the child after the death of the Tarasenko family. According to Valentina, she was refused right at the reception.

“They explained:“ You do not worry, your child will not be left in the orphanage, we will find him a good mother. And this family you have chosen is large, they have no conditions. ” How can such verdicts be made if no one even came to our house? Then it is not known when the mother will die, maybe this would not have happened at all, how can they know? A candidate for possible guardianship should not be registered until the need arises, ”Tarasenko is outraged.

And, looking ahead, he clarifies: after Chernenko’s death, specialists from the guardianship department repeatedly came to her — the family passed all the checks safely. Valentina and her husband are healthy, there are no convictions, the living conditions are good.

Elena passed away on April 3rd. Her son was immediately taken to the “Yolochka” child’s home. Valentina filed an application with the prosecutor's office, appealed to the office of the ombudsman for children’s rights in Crimea, to State Duma deputy Andrei Kozenko. Tarasenko claims that the boy was taken away on the day of his mother’s death, without providing any documents, without issuing a single act.

The guardianship authorities learned that the child has a dear grandfather in Kiev. “The specialists contacted him, ostensibly by phone, he gave preliminary consent to pick up his grandson. This, in fact, was a refusal to grant custody to me. But how can a telephone conversation be the basis for making a decision, how did they determine from the voice that this person is Elena's father? He never sent any documents confirming the relationship to them, ”leads his version of Valentin. According to her, until now there has been no news from my grandfather.

Tarasenko said that even during her lifetime, Elena kept in touch with her father only by phone, but the whole conversation was reduced to requests to be discharged from the apartment.

“For the rest, he was not interested in her fate, even when she was seriously ill. Needless to say that he did not appear at the funeral? Now he is 63 years old, the grandfather never came for the grandson, although he knows very well that the daughter is no longer there, and the child is essentially an orphan and is in the infant's house, ”Valentina says with regret. The RIA Novosti correspondent tried to reach Vladimir Chernenko, the boy’s grandfather, but he did not pick up the phone.

So far, no official refusal of the guardianship has been received, but they are not allowed to see the boy. Tarasenko wrote a statement on April 26, no answer to this day. “The convention on the rights of the child clearly states that the baby cannot be separated from the family, he must continue to communicate with someone, this is a trauma. I was told to wait 30 calendar days. This is a living child, why should he wait for adults to play enough in bureaucracy? ”- a mother of many children is perplexed.

Mother's desire is more important

This story caused a great resonance in the Crimea. The Ombudsman for Children in the Republic, Irina Klyueva, explained to RIA Novosti that the guardianship authorities consider adoption as a priority than guardianship. And if you rely on the Family Code, this is true.

“But Vitya’s mother submitted an application asking to transfer the baby to a specific person. She did this in accordance with all laws: there is an article that allows a single parent to independently identify a guardian to a child. Specialists of the guardianship department believe that the order described in the Family Code and Helena’s law are equivalent. Although it is not. She wrote a statement, being in her right mind, fully aware of all the consequences. I believe that the guardianship simply does not have the right to be the master of destinies and not to take into account the desire of the mother, ”Klyuev assesses.

The Ombudsman brought her position to the prosecutor's office, but there they did not see any violations in the guardianship actions.

“I know Tarasenko, and before that she turned to the office for help and support. Let us reason logically: if the guardianship authorities have any complaints, they couldn’t give Valentina and her husband the status of “fostering family”. And they have such a status. Moreover, Tarasenko herself told them about her grandfather, ”the children's ombudsman puts an end to the dispute.

RIA Novosti contacted Svetlana Shcherbakova, head of the department for children's affairs in Simferopol. She explained that Tarasenko distorts information. The official noted: adoption in this case is indeed considered the priority form of child placement. And since at the time of the death of the mother of the boy, Valentina Tarasenko was not registered as a candidate for guardians or adoptive parents, she was denied temporary guardianship.

The decision was made on April 19. However, on April 25, Tarasenko wrote a statement about the possibility of being an adoptive parent — she was given a positive response and placed in a queue. Shcherbakova also confirmed that the officials communicated with the boy's grandfather by telephone and he agreed to pick up the boy, but he did not provide any documents. In addition, the head of the department reported that Tarasenko disclosed the personal data of the minor in the media comments, therefore, a complaint was filed with her in Roskomnadzor.

The juvenile lawyer Victoria Danilchenko, commenting on RIA Novosti’s Simferopol history, stressed: the guardianship authorities, in addition to formal nuances, must take into account the moral component and the child’s attachment to the environment in which he recently lived. In her opinion, the reluctance of officials to take into account the circumstances may harm the psychological state of the boy. “After all, the main duty of the guardianship and trusteeship bodies is to act in the interests of the child, to respect his rights,” concluded Danilchenko.

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