Young Astrakhan fled from home for the trip around the world

Photo: the press service of the State Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Astrakhan region

Astrakhan police tracked down an eight-year schoolboy who left home. It is reported by the press service of the regional administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. On the eve, a 37-year-old city dweller applied to the internal affairs bodies with a statement about the disappearance of a child. In the morning she drove her younger daughter to kindergarten, and when she returned home, she discovered the absence of her son.

In the apartment, a woman found a note in which her son carefully warned his mother that he had just set off on a world tour.

For searches second grader formed several groups. A few hours later, a policeman driving along the Volga across the Volga River noticed a young wanderer. The student explained the purpose of his campaign, but admitted that he was already rather tired.

Yulia Bulanova, Head of the Juvenile Unit of the Police Department No. 2, commented:

It turned out that the day before, after reading the book, the boy decided to make the journey. After writing a note to his parents and putting in his backpack his favorite encyclopedias, toys, money from his piggy bank and a banana, he left the house.

The wanderer traveled the first part of his long journey on three shuttles. Having reached the street named after Henri Barbusse, he went on foot. There were no incidents with a second-grader during this time.

Law enforcement officers have already had a preventive conversation with a young geography lover and his mother.

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Taisiya Povaliy for the first time will become a grandmother

Taisiya Povaliy |

54-year-old Taisiya Povaliy shared the good news: her only son Denis and his wife Svetlana will soon have a child. The artist quotes StarHit:

I am very happy for Denis and Sveta. Not once spoke with his son on this topic. Now I look forward to the birth of a grandchild or granddaughter. I am sure that I will make a great grandmother. If you need my help, you will not have to ask for a long time. I can ponder, take a walk, lay and play. And, of course, I will pamper the baby.

Svetlana and Denis have been married for four years. The daughter Povaliy told her husband about her pregnancy on February 23. The couple did not recognize the sex of the child.

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35-year-old Denis is the son of Povaliy from his first marriage with the musician Vladimir. She divorced him in 1993 because of her relationship with producer Igor Lihuta, whom she later married. Denis condemned the act of the mother and after the separation of the parents wanted to live with his father. Taisia ​​and Igor have no common children, but they have been together for 25 years.

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Deaf single mother from St. Petersburg showed blood alcohol inquiries

In the blood of a deaf single mother from St. Petersburg, Olesya Utkina, there is no alcohol, says Maria Ermel, president of the North-Western Association of adoptive parents. According to her, after today's court, on April 1, at which the question of whether a woman would be deprived of parental rights, was decided, they together went to the drug treatment center, where Olesya showed her certificates. All are clean, no alcohol in the blood.

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Publication from Margarita Simonyan (@_m_simonyan_) March 13, 2019 at 10:58 PDT

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Emler told on the radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda-Petersburg":

I can not say whether it was a forgery of documents. Maybe another doctor wrote out this certificate. I have little idea how alcoholism can be delivered if at the time of the treatment a person has completely pure blood. The judge was also surprised. It is written on the certificates that she fulfills all the recommendations of the accompanying doctor.

Later inquiries will be provided to the court. They will confirm that Olesya does not suffer from alcoholism, and also that she has no mental disorders.

The son and daughter Olesya, who had recently been in an orphanage, now live with their grandmother, along with Olesya. She and her advocates hope that the judge will satisfy their petition and allow Olesya to live in a crisis center with the children. Experts will make sure that Olesya is a good mother, that she can take care of them.

“Children also need help with rehabilitation after being so roughly separated from their mother,” said Maria Ermel.

The history of the 34-year-old St. Petersburg resident Olesya Utkina caused a great resonance in society. A deaf woman brought up two children alone: ​​a five-year-old daughter and an eighteen-month-old son. At the beginning of 2019, the guardianship bodies took the children away from her and sent her to a shelter for two months.

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Russian schools will be offered anti-bullying program

© Wavebreak Media / Photobank Lori

Russian schools will be offered to introduce in the educational process the anti-bulking program "Every important." The program is aimed at improving the skills of teachers and the prevention of aggressive behavior of students, reports TASS.

Elena Pronicheva, Executive Director of the Federal Scientific and Methodological Center for Psychology and Pedagogy of Tolerance, said that the program is now in the final stages of development. It will include eight interactive subroutines with multimedia content, films, teaching aids. The center plans to complete the development and testing of the program to the beginning of the new school year.

According to Pronicheva, the content will be built around empathy and sympathy. The program will use common examples from life and develop a certain behavioral model, which should be the basis of behavior for the child, the teacher and parents who are confronted with aggression.

According to a study by the HSE Institute of Education, about 35% of schoolchildren around the world face harassment. In Russia, 27.5% of students become victims of teenage aggression.

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Son touching Sergey Lazarev happy birthday

On April 1, Sergey Lazarev turned 36 years old. The musician heard warm words from many friends and colleagues, but the most touching was the congratulation from his 4-year-old son Nikita.

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Publication from Sergey Lazarev (@lazarevsergey) 1 Apr 2019 at 12:06 PDT

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Sergey celebrated his birthday away from home — in sunny Greece, where he is on tour. Therefore, the singer explained, Nikita’s congratulations touched him so much.

This greeting this morning I saw the very first! And it is out of competition, as always! From my son! To tears! How did I miss! The hardest part of the tour now is separation from your son! But tomorrow I will hug him a lot! Thank you all for your congratulations!
Sergey Lazarev

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Publication from Sergey Lazarev (@fan_sergeylazarev) 10 Feb 2019 at 8:25 PST

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Recall, for the first time, the boy’s face was shown by Sergey on December 31, 2017. The singer concealed the birth of his son for two and a half years. The singer does not disclose the identity of the child’s mother, but, according to Lazarev’s showbiz colleagues, he used the services of a surrogate mother. Recently, the musician said that he wants more children.

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Children's toys can rise in price in Russia by 20%

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Introduction to the Russian Federation of the preliminary examination of toys before going on sale can lead to their rise in price by 20%, calculated for "News" in the Association of the industry of children's goods (AIDT). Do not exclude price increases in the Ministry of Economic Development.

The draft law on the introduction of social, psychological, pedagogical, sanitary examinations for toys was developed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade with the aim of "ensuring the safety of life, morality of the child, and protecting him from negative influences."

The AIDT noted that the procedure itself would be inexpensive — from 5 to 15 thousand rubles, but significant costs would entail the timing of the procedure (2–3 months), since for this period the goods must be stored in a warehouse.

In the parent community, however, they believe that rumors of a price increase are only speculation on the part of market representatives, and insist on withdrawing toys from the sale of toys that are dangerous for the child's psyche.

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Yana Rudkovskaya decided to change her son's nickname

Yana Rudkovskaya thought about stopping calling her son Dwarf Dwarf. For this, the producer arranged a survey in the instagram of 6-year-old Sasha.

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Post by Alex Plushenko (@gnomgnomych) March 31, 2019 at 11:59 PDT

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Rudkovskaya, on behalf of her son, leads his page on the social network, where she wrote:

Do you think I need to change the name on my page or all the same for a year to leave, as my chip and my recognition in the instagram open spaces?

Not so long ago, Rudkovskaya tried for Sasha another unusual nickname that sounds like ChebuSashka.

Recall that Sasha is the only common child of Yana Rudkovskaya and figure skater Yevgeny Plushenko. The couple formalized the relationship in 2009. From the first marriage, the figure skater has a son Egor (the boy bears the name of his mother Maria Yermak). And Yana Rudkovskaya from marriage with billionaire Viktor Baturin has two teenage sons, Andrei and Nikolai.

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9-year-old child abandoned in apartment found in Moscow

A nine-year-old child left without food and livelihoods was found during a police raid on apartments of disadvantaged families in Moscow, the press service of the Moscow GUSSC of Russia said.

According to police, the child’s mother left him for a long time without food or livelihood. Currently, the child is in one of the children's centers. The message says:

On this fact, the police against the mother of the child initiated a criminal case on the grounds of the crime of “failure to fulfill the obligations of raising a minor.”

It is noted that on the instructions of the Acting Head of the Moscow GUSSC of Russia, Andrey Strizhov, the issue of withdrawing the criminal case from the police and initiating it for further investigation to investigators was initiated.

Investigators intend to conduct a complex of investigative actions aimed at determining all the circumstances of such a cynical crime and to give a legal assessment of the woman’s actions to commit a crime under the attempted murder.

Earlier it was reported that on March 10, a five-year-old girl was found locked up in an apartment littered with garbage in Moscow.

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Fans are touched by the grown-up grandson of Catherine Strizhenova

The eldest daughter of Catherine and Alexander Strizhenovs Anastasia published in instagram images of her grown-up son.

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Publication of anastasia strizhenova (@anastasia_strizhenova) March 31, 2019 at 11:23 PDT

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A young mother admitted that her son was growing up to be an extremely sociable child:

The flower of our life loves to communicate … restless.
Anastasia Strizhenova

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Fans of the starry family immediately began to speculate who the boy looked like more.

It turned out that most people see in Petya the features of the director Alexander Strizhenov: “What a sweet, pretty, looks like grandfather Sasha”, “Little grandfather Sasha!”. In addition, subscribers noted that Peter was very much grown up.

Recall Peter is the only grandson of Catherine and Alexander Strizhenov, the couple’s eldest daughter, 30-year-old Anastasia, gave birth to him. The boy was born in early April 2018, Catherine met her grandson in May, after flying to America, where Nastya lives with her husband, Peter Grishchenko. About pregnancy Nastya became known in March 2018.

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