The daughter of Vladimir Mashkova Maria brings up two daughters — Stephanie, who was 9 years old in June, and 7-year-old Alexander. The actress has published their new joint portrait, which caused a storm of emotions in her subscribers.

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Posted by Masha Mashkova (@masha_mashkova_official) May 22, 2019 at 8:34 am PDT

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Fanya, the oldest, says that now selfies are done exclusively with such facial expressions.
Maria Mashkova

The fans were surprised at the unusual color of the eyes of mothers and daughters, and also noted their striking similarities. “What blue-eyed ones!”, “Three Siamese kitties!”, “Bottomless eyes!”, “Three of the casket are the same from the face”, “That's the way a combo”, “Mother's daughters! Pretty women! ”,“ Eyes! And lips … "," Three cornflowers "," Turquoise eyes "- discuss in the comments.

34-year-old Maria is the daughter of actor Vladimir Mashkov and his first wife and colleague Elena Shevchenko. In total, Mashkov was married four times, but he does not have any other spouses of children. Elena in the second marriage gave birth to two sons — Nikita and Vsevolod.

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