48-year-old Lera Kudryavtseva, who is now resting in Miami with her husband Igor Makarov and daughter Masha, shared a touching family photo. The TV star, who prefers to hide Masha from the public, made an exception and showed her grown-up daughter, however, having closed her face with smiles.

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The touching post of Lera was appreciated by its subscribers and colleagues: Inna Malikova, Denis Klyaver, Ekaterina Andreeva. “What are you cool!”, “Happiness to your family!”, “Children grow up so quickly. Lera, enjoy these wonderful moments! ”- users of the network are touched.

However, some netizens criticized the presenter for the fact that she continues to hide Masha, although her husband recently showed her daughter's face. “What are you all putting on your children’s faces ?! The royals (Kate and Megan) immediately show how they gave birth, they are not afraid. And then some obscurantism! ”,“ Lera seems to be a modern lady, and a photo of a child with a smiley face ”.

9 photos

9 photos

9 photos

Recall that the second time, Lera’s mother became in the middle of August 2018. Many netizens considered that the TV presenter did not give birth to her daughter Masha, having resorted to the services of a surrogate mother, to which Lera replied that she was very hurt by such speculation. For Kudryavtseva’s husband, hockey player Igor Makarov, the child became the first, and the leader also has an adult son, Jean, who in early August 2018 himself became the first father. The son of a TV star gave birth in a marriage with a musician of the group “Tender May” Sergey Lenyuk.

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