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In the Perm gymnasium № 4 set a different passing score for girls and boys. Parents of students said that the passing score for girls was 69.1, and for boys — 65.7.

In the list of enrolled students, only six boys had higher scores than the passing score for girls. Obviously, the score for boys was lowered specifically to maintain gender balance in the class, reports 59.ru.

About 20 girls would have passed the competition if the score for them had not been overestimated. Parents outraged such an approach. According to them, it turns out that female students do not go to school just because they are not boys.

In the gymnasium, it was explained that in the preparatory school, on the basis of the results of studies in which children enter the gymnasium, 92 girls and 67 boys were enrolled, and in classes of children of different sexes should be approximately equally divided. The director of the gymnasium, Tatyana Dyakova, noted that, as a rule, girls are more diligent, but then the boys then become leaders and rule the country.

The Commissioner for Children's Rights in the Perm Territory, Svetlana Denisova, called the situation strange and invited the parents of first-graders to apply with an official statement to the Ombudsman’s Office.

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