Two boys and four girls were born on Monday, May 20, by caesarean section at 29 weeks gestation at the University Hospital Krakow. And one girl was a surprise: she was not seen during the ultrasound, so both the medical staff and parents waited for the birth of their five-year-olds, according to huffpost.com.

“Just imagine: since early Monday morning we were preparing for the appearance of five babies, five teams of doctors and nurses were ready in the operating room to immediately take care of five newborns. They appeared one after another until all five incubators for the premature were busy. And suddenly it turned out that there was someone else waiting for their turn, ”said Ryszard Lauterbach, head of the clinical neonatology department, at a press conference held on May 21.

The “surprise” sixth baby was lucky: according to Lauterbach, while the incubator was urgently prepared for her, she was lying on her mother's breast.

The director of the clinic, Marcin Yedrikhovski, called the operation carried out by the mother of gears, 29-year-old Claudia Marcek, “extremely difficult,” reports foxnews.com. It was attended by 40 doctors and other members of the medical staff.

The weight of babies at birth ranged from 890 grams to 1300 grams. According to the doctors, they were all born surprisingly in good condition for such a multiple pregnancy. The gears can breathe on their own, but still their respiratory, digestive and central nervous systems are still very immature, so most likely, the kids will spend the next two and a half to three months in the hospital.

Claudia’s mother’s gear condition also improved after giving birth, and she was even able to get out of bed and visit the babies in the nursing ward, said the doctors at a press conference.

The newborns have already received names: the boys were named Philip and Timon, and the girls — Zofya, Kaya, Nela and Malvina.

Claudia and her husband Shimon have an older child, son Oliver, who is two and a half years old.

This is the first recorded case of the birth of gears in Poland. Conception in Claudia came naturally, without using any assisted reproductive technologies. As representatives of the clinic explained at a press conference, the probability of spontaneous pregnancy with gears is one case per 4.7 billion pregnancies.

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