In the US District of Floyd, Kentucky, they found a little boy after four days of searching. Reports about it Metro.

22-month-old boy found near a cliff

— Luca Tyler (@LUCATYLER_) May 16, 2019
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Kenneth Howard, who just turned a year and ten months old, was lost on May 12th. His father Elden decided that the child had been kidnapped because he disappeared without a trace. For four days, a rescue team swept the woods on the surrounding slopes. Helicopters, sniffer dogs and unmanned aerial vehicles participated in the search operation.

Howard was discovered on May 15, a mile and a half from the house. Rescuers heard the child crying at the foot of the slope and got him with a basket and ropes. The boy’s family suggested that he could go outside the house through the back door.

The child was taken by helicopter to a trauma center for examination. The authorities noted that when detected, Howard looked healthy.

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