Four children found in the cluttered apartment in St. Petersburg and sent to the hospital are returned to the mother, reports the office of the city ombudsman for children's rights Svetlana Agapitova.

Previously, a number of regional media reported on Mowgli children, who were allegedly kept in unsanitary conditions in an apartment on Fifth Predportovoy Passage by their drinking mother. SC began pre-investigation checks. As reported by the office of the children's ombudsman, on May 2, the children were taken to the children's city hospital, their condition was assessed as satisfactory. Authorized staff reports:

Today, a large family from Predportovaya Street, which was full of social networks during the May holidays, has reunited. There are no more dangers for the life and health of children … Now Tatiana is already going for permission, and then she will go after the children.

Earlier it turned out that a mother of many children is a former foster child of an orphanage, and does not know very well how to run the household.

It is noted that in the apartment already had a disinsection and disinfection, pokleili new wallpaper. Staff members, caring citizens and organizations collected essential items. Already on Thursday evening, the apartment was ready for meeting the children: beds, bedding and children's clothes were delivered there.

Tatiana needs help from the state and volunteers and, perhaps, she will need it for many years to come. But it is better to accompany her and support her than to send four children to an orphanage. We will also help Tatiana and keep in touch with her.
Svetlana Agapitova

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