Doctors of the Children's Infectious Clinical Hospital No. 6 in Moscow, where the girl left in the clinic was sent, was diagnosed with a mild ORVI. This was announced on Friday to journalists by the head physician of the medical institution Olga Zhdanova.

The girl has mild manifestations of acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI); in terms of physical development, the girl is about three years old. Mentally corresponds to his age. The girl speaks separate words, understands the speech addressed to her, the vocabulary also corresponds to her age, she is contact enough.
Olga Zhdanova

Earlier it was reported that the police is looking for a woman who left a little girl on Thursday evening in a clinic in the center of Moscow. Law enforcement agencies are investigating the identity of the woman and the circumstances of the incident.

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According to the official representative of the Moscow Central Board of the Investigative Committee, Yulia Ivanova, the ministry began a check on media information about an abandoned girl. She clarified that a psychologist works with the girl.

The press service of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the city of Moscow earlier clarified that the child calmly goes to contact with people, the girl is well-groomed, there are no marks of beatings on her body.

While the girl is in the hospital, social protection specialists will visit her every day; the girl will be provided with everything necessary.

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