Leonid Parfenov’s 26-year-old daughter decided to share her joy with subscribers. Today, May 17th, her mom has a birthday. 26-year-old Maria Parfenova dedicated a touching greeting to a loved one in her personal blog and published cute family photos.

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Publication by Maria 🍪 Parfenova (@ ginger.minion) 17 May 2019 at 3:55 PDT

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My angel, my keeper, my friend and the main teacher, my feeder and my biggest lover! How lucky I was to be born to you! Thank you for every day, for every lesson, for the sea of ​​travel and horizons, for great opportunities, for freedom, for patience, for endless care and love. Happy Birthday Mommy!
Maria Parfenova

“Wonderful family, happy birthday to your mother! Health, inspiration and vivid impressions! ”,“ Happy birthday to mom! Let her enjoy your successes longer! Health, good luck and love to both of you! ”,“ Happy Birthday! Creative, bright gastronomic masterpieces, you inspire us no less than your spouse, be healthy and happy every minute! ”,“ I send the kindest emotions to both of you! Happy birthday to my mother — beautiful Helen! "," Congratulations! Mother of strength, energy and patience! ”,“ Happy birthday to you! I admire! ”- many warm words were written to Elena's subscribers on instagram.

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Posted by Maria 🍪 Parfenova (@ ginger.minion) Oct 31 2018 at 1:27 PDT

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Maria and Leonid Parfenovs

Recall that since 1987, Leonid Parfenov has been married to TV host and journalist Elena Chekalova. Together, the couple raised a son, Ivan, and a daughter, Maria. Their firstborn was born on March 20, 1988. Ivan has already presented his parents a grandson, who was named Mikhail.

Leonid and Elena Parfenovs daughter was born in 1993. Now the girl is a co-founder of the Association of Parents and Children with Dyslexia.

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