9 photos

9 photos

9 photos

Since the 28-year-old Nyusha, who first became a mother in November 2018, has returned to work, she has almost never devotes fans to the details of her family life and almost does not publish pictures with the child.

But there are still exceptions: the day before the actress laid out a cute photo on Instagram, in which she poses with her daughter in a sling. At the same time, the girl’s face is covered with a heart-shaped sticker, as well as an additional “blurry” in the photo editor.

An error occurred during the download.

By the way, earlier the actress complained to fans about the difficulties of motherhood and excess weight.

Recall singer's husband, Igor Sivov, was next to his beloved during the birth of a daughter. While the couple did not disclose the name of the girl, however, she shared her impressions of childbirth.

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