“Are we poor?”

“Mom, are we poor?” Why can't you buy breakfast for 65 rubles? Why do others eat tasty, and I eat porridge? ”Such questions are asked daily by the eldest son of Volgograd Lilit Petrosyan. Since their family is large, it feeds on a preferential program. In total, Lilith has three sons. Senior is in the third grade. The younger twins are first graders.

Until January 1, 2019, all children in the primary classes of Volgograd schools were fed the same way: for the sum of 35 rubles. Beneficiaries are no different. Everyone got the same thing: porridge and tea with bread. With the beginning of the new year, changes came to the menu of school canteens. So, all first-graders, regardless of their social and property status, began to eat, according to the decision of the governor, for free. And now, starting from the second class, you have to choose

“Now there are three types of food in schools,” says Lilit, “social is calculated on the basis of 40 rubles / day. The rest of the parents have the right to choose: ordering dinner for a child for 40 (the cheapest), for 65 (for example, a side dish with a chop) or 79 (this includes the first dish). Beneficiaries do not have the right to pay extra, because the state must fully provide such a child with hot meals. Not in part, but in full, therefore, if you are a beneficiary, you have no choice. You can only refuse.

If Lilith decides to transfer the children to paid meals, she will have to pay about 1,300 rubles a month if she buys meals at 65 rubles, or 1,580 rubles if she charges for 79 rubles. We multiply this amount by three, and these are already serious expenses for the family budget: 3,900 or 4,740 rubles, respectively.

"It is impossible to increase the amount"

Unable to bear the tears of her son, Lilit decided to write to the office of the governor of the Volgograd region. Like, why is it so why children are infringed on account of their social status, while according to the Constitution, the state guarantees equal rights and freedoms to every citizen?

The answer was lowered to the Volgograd administration, to the Department of Education, not seeing in this fact not only discrimination, but even a violation of ethical norms.

“The nutrition of students is organized in accordance with the current regional legislation and municipal acts,” answered Lilit Petrosyan in the department. — It is carried out at the expense of budgetary and extra-budgetary funds … By the decision of the Volgograd City Council, the cost of food for children from large families is 40 rubles. Of these, 20 rubles — from the regional budget, another 20 — from the municipal. This cost is fixed, and it is impossible to increase it without making changes to legislation. Information on social inequality on the basis of social belonging when eating in the canteen, as well as the facts of discrimination of children on the basis of social status are not confirmed. ”

"Rejoice in the fact that there is"

Also, Lilith in the Department of Education reported: no other complaints, except yours, for food were received. Accordingly, there is no problem and can not be.

In parental chats among large families they say the opposite:

“Some say:“ Children are dropped off at our school. ” But this is also an insult to a child. It turns out that they feel defective. It turns out that everyone should know their place in society, who you are, says Lilith. — There are many dissatisfied people. But they do not believe in justice, in the possibility of improving life, in that the authorities will hear them and do something for the people. One parent even said: “Rejoice that at least there are 40 rubles, or they can take it away. Now you’ll make a fuss, and make everyone 79! ”People are afraid.”


But Lilith decided that it was necessary to raise this very noise, and together with other parents launched a petition on the Internet.

Now the petition was signed by more than 52 thousand people.

“My child does not eat as a beneficiary and very rarely eats lunch in principle, as he is accustomed to home healthy food,” says Olga from Volgograd. — According to my daughter, it is impossible to eat school food. Therefore, I fully support the author of the petition. ”

“If there were more porridge … They give us a bun and compote or tea,” says Svetlana, a mother of many children from Kamyshin (Volgograd region). “And the kids say the free bun is tasteless.” “And if for money, then we eat delicious food,” — their words. Of course, I would like everyone to eat for free. In which one child, it happens, the ends meet barely make. I know these parents personally, and it is also difficult for them to pass on food to children. And large families, sometimes live in a big way. Here we must not single out anyone. Everybody has it all differently, and children should be on a par with schools and kindergartens. ”

In the meantime, the officials in the offices cannot decide how to remove the class division in elementary school, Lilith just remains to convince her son: their porridge is “such rules that you just need to obey.”

“I say to my children:“ Study well in order to achieve something in life, ”says Lilith. — But every day he comes upset from school. He doesn’t talk about his emotions to his teacher, nor to his classmates. He comes home and pours out his pain with tears to me, asking me questions, showing his displeasure. And it happens every day. And every time I say to him: “Son, well, such norms, rules, and we must obey.” But he is 10 years old, and he realizes that this is unfair, ”says Lilith. — I try not to set up children against the teacher, against the authorities. I say that this is the law. But my words will not change his opinion. Therefore, I want to reach the state. If we want a mentally healthy generation and not be surprised that someone later came with a gun and started shooting, then you need to equalize the children at least in school, in the elementary class. Why should a child think that we are poor, worthless, and defective just because the state organized food in elementary school? ”


But the problem of nutrition in school canteens for beneficiaries and payers exists not only in the Volgograd region. However, in some regions, it was solved completely, having equalized both categories of children in the menu. For example, they did it in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sevastopol, Orel, Voronezh. Other regions are still deciding how to achieve social justice in the school cafeteria. So, in Khabarovsk, it was decided to eliminate discrimination on the plate at the expense of officials' bonuses.

“We feed children differently? How is that even possible? Do we even understand what we are doing? — the governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Sergey Furgal was indignant at one of the meetings. — Get organized, sort it out, because it's a disgrace. I am ashamed to hear simply. We feed one child for 119 rubles, and the other for 96 rubles. And then we wonder why children in schools behave this way. ”

As a result, Sergei Furgal said: in order to fill the gaps in the allocation of money for baby food, all heads of districts and members of the government will be deprived of bonuses. Further reductions of salaries of officials and deputies will follow.

As a result, according to the latest data, in the new academic year all the children of the Khabarovsk Territory will eat the same way.

“To provide one-time hot meals to children from poor and large families from the regional budget this year will be allocated 86.3 million rubles and another 36.5 million from the budgets of municipalities,” said the Minister of Education and Science of the Khabarovsk Territory Alla Kuznetsova.

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