A law prohibiting abortion at almost all stages of pregnancy, and even in cases of rape or incest, came into force on Wednesday in the US state of Alabama. The governor of this state, Kay Ivey, announced on the signing of the corresponding document on her twitter:

Today I introduced the law “On the protection of human life”. For its many supporters, this bill is evidence of the deep faith of the people of Alabama in the value of the life of every person and the fact that every life is a sacred gift of God.

She drew attention to the fact that a similar ban at one time acted on this state over a hundred years.

The upper house of the Legislative Assembly (Parliament) of Alabama on Tuesday evening by 25 votes to six approved the bill. The lower house of parliament approved the document by 74 votes to three last month.

The law provides criminal penalties for doctors who have risked aborting a woman’s pregnancy. So obstetricians or gynecologists face up to 99 years in prison. The Democratic faction in the Senate assembly introduced two amendments to the document, making exceptions for victims of rape and incest. However, during the voting these amendments were excluded from the text of the draft law. As a result, the only reservation remained: it is allowed to have an abortion if there is a serious threat to the woman’s life during childbirth.

In April, a law prohibiting early abortions took effect in Ohio. The law does not provide for exceptions for pregnancies resulting from rape or incest. Before Ohio, the parliaments of five other US states approved similar bans. However, in three cases, the relevant bills were blocked in the courts, in one case, the entry into force was postponed, and in the fifth case — is under consideration by the governor.

The topic of restricting the right to abortion was one of the most emotional during the 2016 election campaign. Donald Trump immediately after assuming the office of the President of the United States signed a decree that restored the ban on the allocation of funds by the federal authorities to foreign non-governmental organizations whose medical staff performs abortions or provides information about them.

This ban was introduced in 1985 by Republican President Ronald Reagan, then the ban was lifted by Democratic Presidents Bill Clinton (in 1993) and Barack Obama (in 2009). Republican George W. Bush — ban reinstated the action.

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