A resident of the Khanty-Mansiysk district was denied adoption of her nephew due to her positive HIV status. At the same time, a woman has been raising a boy for many years, since he has no other relatives. Her living conditions meet the standards for the child’s residence, she underwent the necessary psychological examination and testing in order to become a guardian. But all this did not become arguments in favor of adoption, — reports portal "Such cases."

In this regard, the woman filed a lawsuit against the guardianship authorities. Recall that at the moment in Russia, deputies have introduced a bill allowing people with HIV and the hepatitis C virus to adopt children. The reason for such an initiative was the decision of the Constitutional Court, which recognized the non-constitutional actions of many officials and courts, who previously forbade such people to become adoptive parents. An important decision was made thanks to a couple who faced this problem and decided to walk to the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.

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