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In America, changes in abortion legislation have begun: in Georgia, abortion is partially prohibited (abortion is not allowed after six weeks, when the fetal heartbeat is heard), and in Alabama they consider the possibility of completely banning abortion — unless it is a serious threat to the life of the mother ( The document is currently under consideration by the governor). Many celebrities publicly condemned such laws, and some even shared personal stories to draw more attention to the problem. So, 43-year-old actress Milla Jovovich revealed that she had to have an abortion two years ago. The star wrote in Instagram:

I was five months pregnant and was filming in Eastern Europe. I had a premature birth and I had to have an abortion. I was told that it was necessary to be conscious throughout the procedure. This was one of the most terrible things that happened in my life. I still have nightmares about this day. I was lonely and helpless. And when I think that women will have to endure abortions in even more terrible conditions because of the new law, everything inside me hurts.

Mila, who brings up two daughters, noted that the interruption of depression was the cause of her prolonged depression. The actress had to leave the cinema and “isolate” herself from the public.

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“Nevertheless, I had to pretend that everything was in order for the sake of my wonderful girls. I did everything not to sit on antidepressants: I was engaged in gardening, followed a diet, and went to the gym every day, ”the actress said. She added:

Thank God, I managed to handle it without pills. But what happened to me and what I lost will cheer me to death. Abortion is a nightmare that no one wants to go through. But we need to fight to keep our rights. And, if necessary, make a safe abortion. I never wanted to talk about it, but I cannot be silent when so much is at stake.

In addition to Alabama and Georgia, the so-called "heartbeat law" was previously passed in Mississippi, Kentucky and Ohio and is being considered in several other states. According to the new law, the provision of abortion at any stage of pregnancy will be considered a serious crime — doctors can be sentenced to 99 years in prison for carrying out the abortion procedure and 10 years for trying. A woman who has an abortion will not be held criminally liable, according to the BBC.

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