TV presenter Elena Malysheva decided to show a video based on a slide show of family photos of her grandsons Igor and Arthur. “She assembled a video about her boys. Funny, “- said the star grandmother.

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Publication by Elena Malysheva (@ 14 May 2019 at 12:07 PDT

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“Happiness to your little ones!”, “You have wonderful grandchildren, Elena Vasilyeva .. This is great happiness,” “Pretty boys,” her fans responded to the publication of Malysheva.

Recall Malyshev is married to a professor at the Moscow State Medical and Dental University, doctor of medical sciences Igor Malyshev. The couple have two sons: 30-year-old Yuri and 28-year-old Vasily. The one-year-old Arthur and 4-year-old Igor are the sons of Yuri and his wife.

The younger son of TV presenter Vasily lives in the USA and is not married yet.

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