In Manchester, UK, a woman suddenly gave birth to a child, although her pregnancy test was negative. 25-year-old Stacy and her friend spent the whole day at the Harry Potter fan congress where they came from another city. A woman in the morning complained of nausea and pain in the back and abdomen. She went to the doctor, because she thought her stomach was round, as if she was pregnant.

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The doctor suggested that she take a pregnancy test. The result was negative, and the doctor suggested that she had a cyst. When she returned to the hotel room, she felt something pushing inside her. The British went into the bathroom and realized that she was having a baby. Her friend Rebecca called an ambulance.

When the doctors arrived at the hotel, she found Stacy in a bloody bath with a baby in her arms. The woman gave birth to a girl. The doctors cut the umbilical cord and put a hat on the head of the newborn to warm it. The woman herself was hospitalized with postpartum hemorrhage.

According to Stacy, she did not even realize that she was pregnant all this time. While the woman was going to St. Mary’s hospital in the center of the city, her friend told the young man Stacy that he had become a father. The girl decided to call Elizabeth Alice Rose.

Now the girl is in a stable condition, nothing threatens her health.

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