A resident of the United States received invitations to study immediately from 115 colleges that offered her various educational grants for a total amount of $ 3.7 million, according to television channel ABC.

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18-year-old Antoniet Love, who graduates from school in New Orleans (Louisiana), received a high average score (3.7 out of four possible). With this result, the girl decided to try to apply for as many colleges as possible to continue her education. 115 educational institutions immediately responded to her request.

I just kept submitting documents. I was wondering how many schools will accept them. At first I did not think that there would be many of them, but they became more and more.
Antoniett Love

In addition to studying, she enjoys anime, video games, is in circles and public organizations, and in her spare time she earns additionally as a saleswoman in a haberdashery shop. Neither Love's parents, nor her four brothers and sisters, of whom she is the youngest, did not receive a higher education.

Now the honors pupil, who, as the TV channel specifies, wants to become a teacher, will have to make a choice from 115 options before May 1. According to Love, among her preferences is Louisiana State University, Valparaiso University (Indiana) and the University of North Texas.

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