Christina Asmus shared a new photo with followers with her daughter. 5-year-old Nastya with her mother visited a manicure. Probably, the girl wanted to try to make up her nails, and Christina decided to give her this opportunity.

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Manik, Basik, kindergarten.
Kristina Asmus

However, as it turned out, not all subscribers approved the idea of ​​Christina to allow the girl to do a manicure. “Why spoil the baby’s nails so early?”, “Yes, then they wonder why children give birth at 13 …. Everything should be according to age, which means she should play with dolls and not sit on a manicure”, “Children can’t do a manicure. Honestly, brute force. I thought, ideally bring up. Without any pathos. And then the salon … sorry "," Seriously? Christina, I respect and love you so much … But this is too much, ”the subscribers of the star criticized the act of the star.

Although there were those who defended Kristina: “The narrow-mindedness and limitations of many people are amazing,” “It would be nicer if Christina herself did the manicure for her daughter, there would not be so many unpleasant words. My daughter wants to be like a mom! What's wrong with that ?! My, too, every movement copies! If she went with me for a manicure, she would immediately start shoving her nails at the master! ”“ How happy that mothers nowadays understand that having a manicure since childhood is important. For those who do not know, there is a "children's manicure", up to 12 years old, you can call it hygienic! As a dentist, to go, sometimes it’s not just possible, but necessary. ”

It is probably because of such disputes in the comments that the star doesn’t like to often show his daughter on instagram.

Recall Asmus and Garik Kharlamov were married in 2013, and in 2014 they had a daughter, Anastasia. The couple hid the child for a long time from media attention, only in the summer of 2017, Asmus and Kharlamov showed Nastya for the first time.

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