Lottie Wilson-Dale was born with amniotic constriction syndrome, due to which she suffered from a malformation of her left arm. The girl was born without a forearm. Because of this feature, Lottie was constantly mocked at her peers, calling the girl a “snake hand”. The girl's parents were on the waiting list for an artificial limb, but they had to wait three years. And Lottie finally got it for free from a charitable organization. According to the girl, now with a yellow-pink prosthesis, she began a new life and began to feel like a real superheroine.

Lottie had already mastered the prosthesis and now she can play ball, dolls and even draw without any problems. The girl's mother confesses: thanks to the prosthesis, her self-esteem and her daughter's confidence grew.

A woman is quoted by the Daily Mail:

For me it was important that she got a prosthesis. I didn’t want to be bullied and she felt deprived when she got older.

Mom Lottie said that her daughter had only recently begun to ask why she was born without a hand and wonders why her brother has full limbs. She added:

When she starts asking about her hand, we tell her that she is special, but it never hurts us to love her.

Earlier it was reported that a 2-year-old boy from Novosibirsk made a mechanical arm for free.

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