24-year-old resident of London Charlotte Dubard had no idea that she was pregnant. She took birth control pills, and she had regular periods. A thin girl slightly gained weight, but no pregnant belly was observed, as well as other typical symptoms of pregnancy. Sometimes she really wanted to be sweet, and one day her leg suddenly became ill, but this is perhaps all that can be interpreted at least approximately as a sign of pregnancy, says Charlotte.

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According to The Daily Mail, in the evening of January 28, 2019, Charlotte felt weak cramping pain in the lower abdomen. She did not attach any importance to them, since these feelings were even weaker than they usually are at the onset of menstruation. The next day, these pains intensified. Charlotte decided to stay home just in case.

The girl was alone since her boyfriend, 28-year-old Miguel, went to work. The pain suddenly became so strong, and the sensations were so strange that the girl went to the bathroom and decided to film her phone on the camera, which is happening below. What was her shock when she saw on the video that sticking out the hair of a child.

The rest happened very quickly — a few minutes later Charlotte bore a boy right on the bathroom floor. The girl did not even have time to call the rescue service, so she had to rely fully on her instincts. When the baby was born, Charlotte cut the umbilical cord with a manicure scissors on her own, and only then called Miguel, asking him to come home as soon as possible.

Miguel ran into the apartment and, seeing Charlotte with the baby in his arms, cried out: “Oh God, did you find the child on the street ?!”

"I shouted in response:" This is ours !! " He was shocked. I was shocked. None of us could believe that this is our child, ”recalls Charlotte.

When the baby, whom the shocked parents called Elias, was examined and weighed in the hospital, it turned out that he was completely healthy, fully mature and weighs about three kilograms. According to Charlotte, for the first time in the hospital, she was so traumatized by sudden births that she absolutely did not pay attention to Elias.

"But at some point, when we were waiting for the doctor to come, Miguel suddenly said:" Look, he has your nose. " And only at that moment I suddenly realized that this was our child, ”says Charlotte.

Charlotte believes that he and Miguel are incredibly lucky that the baby is fine, because she, not knowing that she was pregnant, smoked all nine months, drank alcohol and worked as a waitress for 14 hours a day.

“I call him a miracle child, because he turned out to be so healthy, despite the fact that I made him go through,” said the young mother. “So much could have gone wrong when I was giving birth alone, but everything went surprisingly smoothly.” The midwives then asked me how I knew exactly how, where I needed to cut the umbilical cord, because if I had done it wrong, the consequences could have been very dangerous. I have no idea how I knew what to do, my brain turned off, and only instinct ruled. ”

The so-called “secret” or asymptomatic pregnancy is a well-known phenomenon. So, in 2016 in the UK, there were 320 cases of women giving birth, not knowing that they were pregnant.

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