Being pregnant, Elena Zakharova starred in Alexei Petrukhin’s film The Last Test, which comes out on screens this summer. The film tells about the terrorist attack in the theater center on Dubrovka, which occurred in October 2002.

I was very scared. When you see people in masks running into the hall, fear and horror work on a subconscious level. Around the genuine emotions of people. I have never seen the crowd play like that, there were tears, horror, shock on their faces.
Elena Zakharova

“The second director suggested that I wear earplugs, he knew that my stomach was not a consignment note, but I refused, explaining that the child would still hear everything,” the actress told StarHit. Elena added that an ambulance crew was on duty at the site, and a ward was booked in the nearest hospital in case of childbirth.

Fortunately, everything ended well: a week after the end of filming, on December 8, 2017, her daughter was born. The girl's name and other details are not yet known. Zakharova only spoke about the character of her daughter and showed her room. Such caution is explicable. Several years ago, Zakharova experienced a tragedy: she lost her eight-month-old daughter Anna-Maria. Subsequently, the actress decided to close her personal life from outsiders.

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