Online argue who of the parents looks more like the son of Nonna Grishaeva

Nonna Grishaeva with her husband Alexander Nesterov, son Ilya and daughter Anastasia went to London. The actress gladly shared with the fans pictures from the trip. View this post on Instagram Publication from Nonna Grishaeva OFFICIAL (@grishaevanonna) Apr 24, 2019 at 4:27 PDT An error occurred during the download. Subscribers noticed how 12-year-old Ilya grew […]

Christina Asmus criticized for manicure 5-year-old daughter

Christina Asmus shared a new photo with followers with her daughter. 5-year-old Nastya with her mother visited a manicure. Probably, the girl wanted to try to make up her nails, and Christina decided to give her this opportunity. View this post on Instagram Publication from Asmus Kristina (@asmuskristina) 25 Apr 2019 at 10:48 PDT An […]

School girl from the USA was invited to study at once 115 colleges

A resident of the United States received invitations to study immediately from 115 colleges that offered her various educational grants for a total amount of $ 3.7 million, according to television channel ABC. An error occurred during the download. 18-year-old Antoniet Love, who graduates from school in New Orleans (Louisiana), received a high average score […]

A 5-year-old girl without a hand, who was mocked by her peers, got a "superhero" prosthesis

Lottie Wilson-Dale was born with amniotic constriction syndrome, due to which she suffered from a malformation of her left arm. The girl was born without a forearm. Because of this feature, Lottie was constantly mocked at her peers, calling the girl a “snake hand”. The girl's parents were on the waiting list for an artificial […]

Jasmine first trimmed his 3 year old son

In the family of the singer Jasmine holiday — her son Miron celebrates his birthday. The boy is three years old. And in honor of this event, the star first cut his son, following the long-standing Jewish tradition. View this post on Instagram Post by Jasmin (@jasmin) Apr 25, 2019 at 2:51 am PDT An […]

Daughter of Julia Nachalova performed at the school concert with the song mom

13-year-old daughter of Yulia Nachalova Vera performed the song of her mother at a school concert. View this post on Instagram Publication from the memory of Julia Nachalova❣️ (@julia_nachalova_memory) 24 Apr 2019 at 5:28 PDT An error occurred during the download. Former PR-director Nachalova and her friend Anna Isaeva wrote in instagram: The same lullaby […]

44-year-old actress Ekaterina Arkharova will become a mother for the first time

Ekaterina Arkharova | 44-year-old actress Catherine Arkharova, known for the TV series "Traffic Light" and "Kamenskaya", is preparing for the first time to become a mother. Rumors about the interesting position of the artist were confirmed during the Moscow International Film Festival, when the outfits could no longer hide the figure of Arkharova. An […]

Woman learned about pregnancy during labor

In Manchester, UK, a woman suddenly gave birth to a child, although her pregnancy test was negative. 25-year-old Stacy and her friend spent the whole day at the Harry Potter fan congress where they came from another city. A woman in the morning complained of nausea and pain in the back and abdomen. She went […]

WHO made recommendations to improve the health of children under 5

The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed recommendations for physical activity for children under five years of age. In this age gap, children need to be less in a sitting position and play more, experts say. According to WHO recommendations, babies (up to one year old): must be physically active "the more the better" or […]