Megan Markle will break the 40-year-old tradition Megan Markle will break the 40-year-old tradition, The Sun writes. As noted, the births of members of the royal family of Britain usually took place in the obstetric department "Lindo" of the St. Mary's Hospital in London. In particular, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton gave birth there. According to the publication, the Duke and […]

British readers reacted to a flash mob of Russian teachers in swimsuits

In Britain, publications such as The Sun and The Daily Mail told readers about a flash mob that Russian teachers launched to support a colleague from Barnaul Tatyana Kuvshinnikova who was dismissed because of a photo in a bathing suit. View this post on Instagram Publication from KAVKAZ POST (@ March 26, 2019 at […]

Star "50 shades of gray" became a father of many children

Jamie Dornan, 36, starring in 50 Shades of Gray, became the father for the third time. His wife Amelia Warner gave birth to another daughter. This became known due to her posting on instagram, where she congratulated subscribers on Mother's Day (this holiday is celebrated in Great Britain on March 31) and posted a photo […]

Maxim Matveyev ride with a son on a skateboard

Maxim Matveyev and Elizabeth Boyarskaya for a long time tried not to show a common son in social networks. Recently, however, they decided to change this rule. For example, on the eve of the actor on his instagram page showed how, along with his son, he rode skateboards. View this post on Instagram Publication from […]

Vera Brezhnev made a surprise to her eldest daughter in honor of her birthday

Vera Brezhnev carved out a busy schedule of filming and touring for two whole days to visit her oldest daughter, who lives in America. The reason for this was special: Sonya was 18 years old the day before, with which the singer congratulated her personally. By the way, the birthday girl did not know that […]

Natasha Koroleva told about her future profession

Natasha Koroleva has been happily married to Sergey Glushko for more than 15 years. Singer never embarrassed that her husband earns a living by striptease. True, the Queen confessed the other day: she would not want their son Arkhip to choose this particular profession in the future. View this post on Instagram Teenage son, what […]

Mirror told about the beloved son of the Queen of Britain

Prince Andrew and Queen Elizabeth II The British Queen Elizabeth II loves one of her children more than others, which led to a serious split within the family. This writes the Daily Mirror. As noted, the details of this story were set out in the documentary The Royal Family in War. The submission states that […]

Athlete gave birth after clinical death

Portuguese canoeist Katharina Sequeira gave birth to a child, being in a state of artificial life support, informs The Sun. She was in the 19th week of pregnancy when she was hospitalized due to a severe asthma attack. She had to be put into a state of artificial coma, but after a few days, doctors […]

The maid at the last moment saved the baby from the falling ceiling

The maid saved a nursing baby's life by taking him out of the nursery a few seconds before the ceiling collapsed. The movie happened on the Reddit platform. Maid tells homeowner she’s some strange noises in the nurseryhttps: // via @Gfycat — Raz (@AFC_Raz) March 26, 2019 An error occurred during the download. The […]

Unarmeytsy add points to the exam

© Free Wind / Photobank Lori Participants of the movement "Yunarmiya" will receive advantages when entering higher education institutions — more than 20 educational institutions from this year will earn additional points for the Unified State Exam for personal achievements of young people. About this on Friday in an interview with TASS said the head […]